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Aditya Agarwal

An artist can never fail as it is a success to be one. An artist is not paid for the labor, but the distinctive vision. One such art form which portrays life in itself is music. Music can change the world when it starts to get associated with the souls out there. This time Satyavachan by Peach Blink brings to you the story of a person who decided to mark his presence in a different way; Mr. Aditya Agarwal.

Mr. Aditya Agarwal is a musician who has over 22k subscribers on YouTube and works under the artist name ‘Aditya A’. He is an independent musician who has paved his way on his own apart from the crowd and worked with known personalities. The journey started back in 2002 when Mr. Aditya started learning guitar. He was always fascinated by music since his childhood and was always amazed by the captivating power of music. Music, once admitted to the soul becomes a sort of spirit and never dies. The tunes, beats, and rhythm have the strength to encompass one’s surrounding in their own mood. Mr. Aditya was always mesmerized by the enchanting beauty of music and the hues that music reflects. As Mr. Aditya says, “learning brings some depth to your music”, he started acquiring proper learning of Indian classical when he was in college and he gradually learned the classic grand piano as well.

For Mr. Aditya, the inspiration to learn music and excel in this field came from the music itself. The power that each composition has of its own to enlighten the mood and change one’s frame of mind is captivating. The degrees of music and how its interpretation is different for everyone has always left Mr. Aditya awestruck and till date every different music he composes amazes him


Mr. Aditya never had a plan beforehand. But as he always had an inclination towards music, he went with the flow. He's leaning towards music made him realize that he wanted to learn and produce his own independent music. Once you decide on the road to be approached on, things eventually fall in place at their own pace.

There is no saturation point when you are associated with music. Mr. Aditya always keeps on enhancing his skills and improvising his learnings to date to render the ultimate outcome. Composing good songs which is worth all ears is a road that is full of hurdles. Since Mr. Aditya is an independent musician or one can say ‘one-man army’, he was the one entitled with all the responsibilities of programming, editing, mixing, shooting, recording, composing, and many more. When you’re an outsider in an industry that is known to be a monopoly, it becomes a task to promote your work out in the market. Despite all the obstacles, Mr. Aditya stood strong for his passion, and today he has over 22k subscribers on his YouTube channel!


Every voyage has its own low and high tide. Mr. Aditya used to follow the simple pathway to overcome his low tides i.e., spending time with his family. He expresses his gratitude for a supporting family, an amazing wife, and a lovely 2 years old daughter. Spending quality time with his family always used to motivate him to make a comeback again with a bang.

Mr. Aditya has made music videos with renowned directors like Mr. Shivam Sharma. He has also worked with celebrities like Mr. Piyush Mishra, Mr. Prabal Punjabi, and Ms. Ayesha Razza on the short film ‘Vanvaas’ which was directed by Mr. Sandeep Modi. At present, Mr. Aditya is working on his own compositions and hopes that 2021 will be a prosperous year for the community as he has few songs lined up to be released in the following year. He says that Covid-19 has definitely made a negative impact but now people have habituated themselves to work in this pandemic environment.

When a person follows a path of their own free will, miracles happen. One cannot stop someone from doing wonders in the field they always wished to be in. One should always follow their passion and refer to it with all the determination and hard-work possible!

A personal message from Mr. Aditya Agarwal, “stay safe. Be compassionate and positive in life. Do what you want to do”.

-Team Satyavachan

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