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Aryansh Arora

Challenges are the stepping stones that often lead you to the attainment of the feeling of exhilaration of victory. A pathway is never a smooth detour but full of rocks and bottoms. Just like a smooth sea never renders an experienced sailor, learnings we inculcate in our lifetime are the outcomes of these challenges. This time we bring to you the story of a writer who always saw the obstacles and barriers as challenges which were tailored according to him to overcome; Mr. Aryansh Arora.


Mr. Aryansh Arora is an 18-year-old writer who has more than 18k followers on his Instagram handle and a YouTube channel by the name ‘Aryan Arora’. Never in his family, there has been anyone from the field of ‘writing’, but Mr. Arora being the first one. Since his very first grade, he used to listen to a lot of songs with his mother. For the majority of the population, the x-factor in a song is its beats or rhythm. But for Mr. Arora, the x-factor which has always kept him magnetized has been the lyrics of a song. His inclination towards songs has been a dominating factor for increasing his lyrical knowledge, efficiency, and output. It is often assumed that a person who becomes a writer has undergone some emotional burden or dilemma. But Mr. Arora used to write only because he always liked playing with words rather than declaring an emotional outbreak as his escape.


Mr. Arora wrote his first piece of poetry when he was in 8th std. and that ignition was enough to keep him on the track of writing with consistency. For a year he continued writing but in 9th std. he had to take a break due to his studies and boards. However, in his 12th std. he started again and created an Instagram page by the name ‘Alfaaz Dil Ke’ and within a year the page acquired 10k followers by organic means based on his work and creativity that he was showcasing on his page. Gradually, Mr. Arora got a chance to become a co-author in his very first anthology. It was all unanticipated for Mr. Arora; he never thought that listening to songs would help him discover a path so far.

Mr. Arora has always been an average student but he always knew that he had a flair for writing. Seeing everyone good at studies, he wanted to be good at something too, and thus writing. When he started writing, the fact was unknown to his parents and known to a few who motivated him to expand his boundaries for writing beyond it just being a hobby. Mr. Arora kept on writing and soon started getting praised, recognized, and identified as a writer which further gave him the confidence to proceed ahead. Mr. Arora says, “time inspired me to write”.

Mr. Arora since the very beginning had a desire to become a singer. But he lost his voice in 7th std. and while regaining his voice, the voice quality deteriorated due to adolescence. That is when he left singing and his desire to become a singer and writing came as a blessing in disguise. He still wants to do something for the music industry and contribute to it. Mr. Arora keeps on writing raps and lyrics wherein he highlights more of wordplay. He tries to upload 1 to 2 raps every month on his YouTube channel as well. 

Mr. Arora says, “when you do something you love, you face challenges you can overcome”. He had to pause his writing due to his board exams as his parents were also unaware of this fact. He did face a downfall, but Mr. Arora stood up strong!

Up till now, Mr. Arora has authored ‘Kis Ki Sunne, He&she, Truth’, compiled ‘15 Wonders Of Poetry, Happy in us, 3 Am thoughts’ and co-authored ‘Aaina, Black, India needs a change’. Mr. Arora also has various national and international records to his name like Kalam Book of Record Holder, Vajra World Record Holder, India Book of Record Holder, Asia Book of Record Holder, Official World Record Holder, World Book of Record Holder, Omg Book of Records Holder, Exclusive World Record Holder, Credence Book of Record Holder, Bravo Book of Records Holder and Credence World Record Holder. He has also been recognized and awarded by Young Achiever’s Award by Indian Achiever’s Forum, Inspirational Indian Award by Anandshree Organization, Golden Star Award by Literoma. To name a few as Mr. Arora has also been nominated for Karamveer Chakra!

Mr. Arora says that he is the best supporter of himself as he used to support himself when no one knew that he used to write. He is thankful to his father Mr. Atul Arora as he has always supported Mr. Arora and had his back after he got to know about his writing. He is grateful for the support of his friends (Om, Shiven, Yash, Ayush), his sister, and his mentors Ms. Ishani Agarwal and Ms. Rubal Choudhary. The book which Mr. Arora is planning to publish is ‘10 Best Achievers of India’ showcasing stories of personalities like Ms. Rashmi Saha, Mr. Rishabh Banerjee, Mr. Alankar Sandeep Maenkar and many more.


According to Mr. Arora, Covid-19 gave the entire community of writers to work, learn, and evolve in a better way as everyone had a lot of time to work on themselves. Self-learning and knowledge sharing have now evolved as a distinctive aspect that many people are adapting to which in turn is changing the entire scenario.


No one and nothing can stop a person from following his/her heart. Only when you can smile from within, you can make everyone else smile. Age can never become a barrier that overshadows your talents. When you start supporting your own self, the world will come together to withstand all the high tides with you!

A personal message from Mr. Arora, “do what makes you happy and there will be no barriers or difficulties but only challenges which everyone has the strength to face and overcome”. 

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- Team Satyavachan

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