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Dr. Archana Ainapure is the Director of the School of Beauty and Wellness at Symbiosis Skills and Professional University, Pune. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Food Science and Nutrition. She has completed a Diploma in Gut Health as well as a Diploma in Hospital and Health Care Management with a specialization in Organization and Management of Dietary Departments in hospitals. She is a certified Keto and Diabetic educator.

She has 35 years of cross-cultural experience as an Associate Professor (7 years), Nutritionist & Dietetic Consultant (20+ years), and 10+ years of experience as a Corporate Manager responsible for Administration, Brand Promotion, Client Relationship Management, and Inter-Disciplinary Coordination in a Multinational Company in Dubai, Bahrain, and India.


Her Research Areas include Maternal Nutrition and Pregnancy Outcomes as well as Obesity.


About the book:

This book is for all those who are interested in understanding packaging and marketing concepts and for entrepreneurs.

Food products often involve food preservation, food packing, and the general marketing approaches and techniques applied to the marketing. In food marketing, topics such as test marketing, segmentation, positioning, branding, targeting, consumer research, and market entry strategy, are highly relevant.

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