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Humanity For All

Humanity is an expression that every human being is imbibed with. The choice rests in the hands of the person in charge of his/her happiness and surrounding. Being human is given, but keeping our humanity is a choice. This time we bring to you the story of the woman who decided to extend her happiness by spreading all wide smiles; Ms. Rishika Reddy and her N.G.O. Humanity For All. 

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Ms. Rishika Reddy is an interior designing student, a freelance interior designer, and the founder of Humanity For All. Humanity For All is a non-governmental organization which functions majorly in Hyderabad by helping the voiceless and underprivileged. Ms. Reddy says, “helping the voiceless and fellow human beings in need are something that makes a person a good human being and this world a better place to live in”. Ms. Reddy and her family especially her mother have had this inclination for charity since the very beginning. They used to help people whenever possible. When she came up with this idea of initiating with an N.G.O, Ms. Reddy was skeptical as it was a huge responsibility to carry on and look after. But her parents always encouraged her to bring the good in this society with her steps. The family frequently used to carry actions of donations and charity on their own like donating clothes, taking the unwell ones to the hospital and feeding the famished. All these minute steps which barely used to take 2-3 hours a day used to given her satisfaction which was way above any other materialistic accomplishment. From the very beginning, Ms. Reddy had a hint that she wanted to bring a change in this sector, the change which makes people smile!

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When Ms. Reddy started with her college, she met some like-minded people (her friends- Lohit, Abhinav and Teja) who shared the same sense of humanity and liked being the joy bearers for those who did not have access to it. With her group of friends, Ms. Reddy used to visit old age homes, orphanages, and institutes for visually impaired children. They started celebrating their birthdays with them and just those small moments of flourishing cheers, it used to be their best birthday gifts. 

When she was getting habituated with this ray of satisfaction and happiness, she pronounced to start an N.G.O. which would allow her to do it more frequently. Ms. Reddy along with her mom and some friends distributed food and blankets to the homeless on December 25, 2019. For them, it was ‘our happy Christmas’. When Ms. Reddy shared a video of the same on her Instagram, she received a lot of support and praise for doing such an act and further received messages which encouraged her to continue with this work. Ms. Reddy discussed her insights with her best friend Ms. Shreemayi Reddy who supported her thoughts and encouraged her to start something like that.

When Ms. Reddy carried out the research, she got to know that there are numerous homes and orphanages which are in trouble due to lack of finances and unavailability of basic resources. She got an idea to contact them, registered their needs, and accordingly organized campaigns once in 2 weeks. This act continued on a regular basis until lockdown imposed a pause. However, when there is a mission aimed for good; nothing can stop it. Their team collectively started working with keeping in mind the guidelines.

The team also started extending its branch for unwell and abandoned animals as well as they started visiting animal shelters- donated food and medicines. The lockdown has been rough and brute for every living organism. They started collecting items of basic necessities and grocery. One day, Ms. Reddy decided to serve food packages to people, and just getting a glimpse that there was a food distribution campaign taking place, people started coming running towards the car so that they don’t miss out on it. Such was the helplessness of these people which was heartbreaking for Ms. Reddy. From that day, they started organizing food distribution campaigns 3-4 times every week. 

Ms. Reddy is thankful to her mother as she is the main reason behind her idea and her parent’s constant support. She also expresses gratitude for her best friend Ms. Shreemayi Reddy (influencer) who has had her back since day one, when Ms. Reddy came up with the idea of Humanity For All. 

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All of the love, compassion, and luxury needs humanity to prevail in the end. Humanity is the base foundation that encompasses the entire expanse around it. When one can bring a bright light for someone with just small steps, one should go for it.

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A personal message from Ms. Rishika Reddy, “Helping the needy and the voiceless gives a lot of happiness. Everybody should experience it! A little help with a little smile gives meaning to human life. Life is never so busy that there is no time to serve. If each one of us tries to spend some time, money, and energy for the ones who need it the most, we can make a lot of them feel good about their lives!”.

- Team Satyavachan

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