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A part of being a person is about helping others. Helping one person might not change the whole world but it can definitely change the world for one person. The knowledge one inculcates cannot find the path to enlightenment if not used even once to help someone else. This time we bring to you the story of a start-up that laid its foundation on the motto of “work for all while leaving no one behind”; InternWell and its young ingenious founders Mr. Sachin Korla & Mr. Ayush Thakur.


InternWell is a socio-startup which was started in SLIET at a college level but now has its functionality all over the nation. Questions like ‘how can we help students to gain skills?’, ‘how can we help the underprivileged lead a better life?’ and ‘how can we support small and vulnerable enterprises from shutting down?’ had no definite answers. But it didn’t pre-define that there won’t be any answer ever. Finding the answers to all these questions gave birth to InternWell! The mission of InternWell is to help the underprivileged and work on their employability. It aims to eradicate one of the greatest and controversial issues of our society i.e. poverty. Both the founders are completing their graduation at SLIET but have understood the alarming need of their generation and the generation following by. Mr. Korla and Mr. Thakur started at a college level as a club and gradually visualized its scope of expanding its roots at a national level. 


InternWell is a socio-startup that is run by the undergrads catering to services like content writing, web and app development, social media marketing and many more digital services. When InternWell is approached by SMEs, they hire interns to work on projects assigned to InternWell along with the core team. This way it makes sure for all the interns to have access to practical and live projects with direct industry exposure. Team InternWell has one non-negotiable aspect that 20% of the revenue is spent on providing education to underprivileged kids and is donated to social welfare campaigns. Recently, they organized fundraising campaigns and were successful in raising funds worth Rs. 8 to 9 lakhs in one campaign and Rs. 3 to 4 lakhs in the other campaign. 

It was always easy for students studying in a college to secure an internship. But it was the situation of the underprivileged kids who don’t get internships and practical experience which inspired them. Mr. Korla in his college had joined a social club ‘Happy Club’ which used to go to rural areas and arrange for classes for the kids there. Being a part of the club, Mr. Korla noticed that these rural areas crave the birth of a technological movement which would make the tables turn.

InternWell recently organized an 18-day course “Towards Skilldom” which aimed at training the students in a way so they make the best out of their knowledge and experiences in this lockdown. It was successfully conducted with over 250 students across the nation and 25 national and international mentors who guided them with their distinctive knowledge and experiences. The funds raised through this course was later on donated to the PM CARES Campaign.

Receiving the positive feedbacks on “Towards Skilldom”, they are planning to launch “Towards Skilldom 2.0” and now on an international level as well. The fund further which will be generated through this course will be used to provide digital access in rural areas through broadband connections, smartphones, etc. The current project that the team is working on is android and iOS app development for a Netherland based company ‘Agent Of Style’.

Mr. Korla, the co-founder of InternWell is also the head P.R. at SLIET and has been the winner of Dell Campus Ambassador. For his social work and initiatives, he has been awarded Rex Karamveer Chakra at I.I.T. Delhi last year. The journey till establishing himself as a co-founder was definitely not smooth. He was an introvert and already had his shares of failures. His parents used to point out his motive to go to SLIET was to study but Mr. Korla had his share of entrepreneurial inclination which he totally followed along with balancing everything else on his plate. 


Mr. Korla and Mr. Thakur started at club level but were a bit taken back as there were already several social and technical clubs in the college. When InternWell started, it was difficult for them to search for the right set of people to work with them who share the same thoughts of the socio-startup. Everyone used to question them that this isn’t an age to handle a start-up and it used to demotivate them to another level. But one who wants the good for the society cannot be stopped and so Mr. Korla and Mr. Thakur continued gracefully. The team which started with just two members is now a dream for 25 members spread across the nation. InternWell came out as a hybrid of both technical and social club and cause. The pandemic has given them a lot of time to invest in the start-up as students. They are planning to create a proper functional office setup for their start-up now. 


InternWell has collaborated with people like Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna (former director of AICTE), Mr. Sandeep Jain (founder of geeks for geeks), Mr. Prateek Narang (founding member of Coding Blocks), Mr. Aditya Gupta (founder of The Rug Republic), Ms. Meghna Mishra (Secret Superstar lead singer), Ms. Ankita Biswas (influencer, blogger), Mr. Farrhad Acidwalla (entrepreneur) and many more renowned personalities for their course “Towards Skilldom”.

Mr. Korla expresses his gratitude for his partner Mr. Ayush Thakur, core team members Mr. Arun, Mr. Atul, Mr. N V Raghavendra, Ms. Ayonika Dey, Ms. Shatakshi Shukla, Mr. Piyush Raj, and his entire team of InternWell for always supporting the family and spreading positivity. He is also thankful to mentors Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna, Dr. Rajesh Atru and Dr. Prateek Narang for guiding them throughout in this journey.

When your motive stands justified, one cannot pull you down. It does not depend upon prompt results but on the work that has been done to get the best results.

A personal message from Mr. Sachin Korla on behalf of team InternWell, “stay positive and trust the concept of law of attraction. Give your 100% without thinking about the result. Follow your work along with your passion side by side. Everyone should meditate to bring a positive change in their lives”. 

-Team Satyavachan

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