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It is rightly said that time waits for none and also that no one waits for time either. When you start waiting for your time to come, you start the clock ticking for your patience. And there is no hesitation in concluding that time and patience are the two most powerful warriors of the toughest of battles. This time we bring to you the story of a brand “Jhaanjhariya” and the woman behind the same Ms. Ashu Gupta, who are true progenitress of time and patience.

Ms. Gupta is a lawyer by profession and was working with the Copyright Office of India till 2017. She was dedicated to her work and her colleagues were like a second family to her. She felt a second home when she was at the office. With one of her colleagues, she used to discuss starting something of their own but never passionately enough to lay the foundation brick for the same as they already had a high-profile job. However, every sunny day follows a dark night. Similarly, due to corporate politics, Ms. Gupta along with two of her other friends was fired! She was now jobless, hopeless, and was doomed. She had no idea what to do next as she herself knew that she was a muggle at interviews.  At that time age being jobless and not married as per the Indian society, her circumstance was overshadowing her objectives. Ms. Gupta was combating depression and was even struggling with suicidal thoughts. 

She always wanted to get into fashion business but then along the way law happened. So, once she had the time to look into it; she launched her clothing line named ‘Abhira Aabhida’ on Amazon and within 6 to 8 months of the launch she realized that this wasn’t the alternative to look up to as she was not getting up to the mark results.


After realizing that the clothing business venture won’t be the fit for her, she started selling jewelry on Amazon. Ms. Gupta was still not getting results. She used to earn Rs. 3000-5000 a month and that wouldn’t match society’s expectations from a student who studied law for so many years. She realized that the presence of her jewelry was just limited to the accessories section of Amazon which was not enough for any local brand. So, Ms. Gupta on 7th February 2018 made an Instagram page and within 15 days she started receiving a good number of orders. She gave it the name “Jhaanjhariya” to it as she wanted to give some name related to jewelry and as “Jhaanjhariya” means anklet and it clicked. And now there was no turning back. And at present, she gets over 3000 orders which is a huge number,


Ms. Gupta started “Jhaanjhariya” with just Rs. 3000 and at present the returns she is receiving are incomparable. When she started “Jhaanjhariya”, she had a lot of expectations. As this was her third attempt at proving herself, was jobless and not married; it was some distinctive type of pressure that was going on in her mind. Irrespective of all the odds, her family always supported her. Be it financially or emotionally, they had her back always. 

Ms. Gupta says, “anyone can do anything at any point in time”. Being a professional lawyer and entering the field of authentic business that too of ‘just jewelry’, she had to cross numerous obstacles of heart drenching criticisms. She knew there were a lot of people talking small at her back about her venture, but nothing can stop you once you decide to keep moving. She expresses her heartfelt gratitude for her family who was there to sail with her even in her low tides and her best friend Ms. Sneha Pathak from Ludhiana who is a lawyer by profession herself. She is thankful to her for her constant support in every form possible. She was the one who motivated and pushed Ms. Gupta reminding her that she always wanted to get into clothing business.

Ms. Gupta realized her strengths in the field of business more that law. She understood that it was her customer’s trust and loyalty which was with her always and moreover why the majority of her customers saw Ms. Gupta as their friend. When she started feeling confident again and knew that she was getting to uncover her true self this time i.e. as a businesswoman, she took prance and never turned back.

Jhaanjhariya” has collaborated with Mrs. Dipika Kakar (actress, Big Boss 2018) and it sponsored jewelry for her in the Big Boss house. Ms. Ashu expresses how she was delighted to acquire Mrs. Dipika Kakar’s support as she to date keeps in touch with her. “Jhaanjhariya” also collaborated with Ms. Hina Khan (actress) as they loved the offering made by “Jhaanjhariya”.

They are at present planning to come up with their own website in 6 months as “Jhanjhariya” for the time being has its existence on Instagram. She further plans to start designing the jewelry on her own and giving it a customization touch. Even to date, Ms. Gupta wishes to bring her clothing line into a reality and she believes she will sometime in future.

Success is achieved by ordinary with extraordinary determination. Sometimes that determination is fueled with proving self-worth or gaining self-respect and what not. Everyone has their own motive for their determination. If anyone has the sheer will, the person can achieve anything; no matter how long it takes. So, keep up that optimism and cling on to that ray of hope!


A personal message from Ms. Ashu Gupta,

“if one wants to do anything, they can do it. They just have to be patient and put in everything.” 

- Team Satyavachan

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