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A person can get habituated to the monetary comfort that a particular position extends. But we often forget that the biggest asset a person can acquire is the peace of mind and synchronization of your heart beats and your thoughts. Peace of mind is a catalyst that speeds up the process of attaining happiness. This time we bring to you the story of the person who decided to reward himself with peace even if the outcome was after a storm; MOUNTAIN MAN MITHILESH, Mr. Mithilesh Patil.

Mr. Mithilesh Patil is an athlete, a certified mountaineer, a national level swimmer, a motivational speaker, and a happiness coach. From his 3rd grade that is the beginning, Mr. Patil has always been a sports enthusiast and more into sports contrary to studies. His parents enrolled him in swimming activity seeing his active nature as a kid. Mr. Patil continued his swimming training for 7 to 8 years and has to date won 60 medals (short distance), received 7 government certificates (Maharashtra State Amateur Aquatic Association), and participated and won in Aquathlon and Triathlon. Mr. Patil enrolled in a diploma in mechanical engineering at MIT College, Pune for his higher education but unfortunately had to quit as he met with an accident. Not always all pauses are meant to make you stop, but rather guide you towards your right pathway; all that is important comes in quietness and waiting.


One fine day 7 years back, he was talking to one of his friends and they came to an impromptu conclusion to go for a trekking trip in Manali. It was Mr. Patil’s first time for a backpacking experience when he visited the mountains. The trip became his love at first sight and gave him the pure essence of peace. Mr. Patil had an amazing new experience, got to meet new and different people and the effect was so deep and captivating that he wanted to spend his entire life in the mountains.

Mr. Patil also pursued a diploma course in fashion photography. He has worked in the field of media for about 2 to 2.5 years as a production manager as he used to handle the production of numerous regional movies. He has worked as the project head of KBC Marathi, a fundraising campaign for Mr. Vishwas Joshi, and handled P.R. activities for Mr. John Abraham. He was making great progress in the field of media but was always craving the energy of adventures and new challenges. Mr. Patil quit his job and quench his thirst for adventure; he got himself enrolled in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering & Allied Sports (Manali) for Basic Mountaineering Course and came out with flying colors securing an A grade. 


During his Basic Mountaineering Course, he met Mr. Suresh Thakur from Grahan village near Himachal Pradesh and started bonding with him like a brother since day one. After the peroration of the course, Mr. Thakur invited Mr. Patil to his home. Eventually, Mr. Patil enrolled himself in Advanced Mountaineering Course (A.M.C.) which is the top-notch course for mountaineering and is extremely intensified. However, Mr. Patil had to leave the course in between as he again met with an accident. But this time, there was no stopping by as Mr. Patil was willfully following his heart. He further completed his A.M.C., secured an A grade and cherry on the cake even scored AX grade on Method Of Instruction (M.O.I.); the highest honored grade as the examination is conducted only once a year and very few people qualify for it. Mr. Patil along with Mr. Thakur also completed a Basic Skiing Course with an A grade and has skied at Sar Pass top. It’s been over 3.5 years now that Mr. Patil has been living in the mountains in Grahan village with Mr. Thakur and his family. The bonding is so strong that Mr. Thakur feels to be like his own brother and his family his second family. Mr. Thakur and Mr. Patil now work together in the mountains. They initiate groups and adventurous activities, trek guiding, and trek leading. It is definitely not an easy approach to live in the mountains. But Mr. Patil says, “We definitely have to work 100% but this work is what renders 200% peace”. 

Mr. Patil has to date successfully completed summits like Stok Kangri, Friendship Peak, Shettidar Base Camp 2, Roopkund, Hampta Pass, and a lot more. His longest swimming run has been 35 km from Alibaug to Gateway of India. Mr. Patil also completed his Teachers Training Course at World Peace Yoga School in Rishikesh. Recently during the lockdown, Mr. Patil initiated a challenge ‘Mount Everest on Stairs’ in order to salute all corona crusaders and front liners. His grandfather and father (now running his own business after taking the VRS) were cops and Mr. Patil used to see them work day and night, not for themselves but the people of the nation, he completed this challenge to salute and honor the heroes i.e. Maharashtra Police. He covered the height of Mount Everest i.e. 29,036 ft. in 13 hours and 41 minutes. The challenge was conducted in the building in Mumbai he resides in by doing 45 continuous rounds up and down of 30 floors which equates to in total 1,350 floors up and 1,350 floors down with an added 724 floors up in accordance to Everest base camp height. Playing instruments is one of his hobbies and he learned keyboard and came out with A grade marks from Trinity School of London. Mr. Patil also plays a flute and happy drum in his leisure time. Recently, Mr. Patil became a certified Happiness Coach from the Berkeley Institute of Well Being, California. After being certified as a Happiness Coach, Mr. Patil has also delivered motivational speeches in various schools and colleges.

It took a while for Mr. Patil to discover his actual pathway which became his career. His profile reflects various sectors of the profession but one has to choose the field which gives satisfaction, peace, and happiness. Mr. Patil along with Mr. Thakur plans to discover a virgin peak in the future with the legal approval of I.M.F.

Mr. Patil expresses his gratitude to his parents as they have always been supportive. If it wasn’t their support, the scene today would have been different. He is also grateful for Mr. Thakur and his family who treated Mr. Patil as their own family member, always with warmth and happiness. He is also thankful to Rustomjee International High School and Usha Pravin Gandhi College for all his learnings, education and principles.

It doesn’t matter if you are changing your field and perspective constantly to find the accurate routeway for yourself. One can have various expertise yet just one desire. Only if rainbow had one color instead of seven as the rainbow is always a collaboration of super seven colors each of it having its own aspect and together becoming one!


- Team Satyavachan

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