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Mo's Bakery

It is rightly said, “people with great passion can make the impossible happen”.  It is one’s passion that backs up the skill mastered. One can lubricate the art with expertise, mastery, and experience but passion is the characteristic that acts as the ‘cherry on the cake’. This time we bring to you the story of a remarkable journey which has been fueled with passion and skills; the story of Mo’s Bakery and the owner-founder Mrs. Mohita Mathur.


Mo’s Bakery is a boutique brand in the baked goods and snacks market. Mrs. Mathur is from Delhi and completed her school from D.P.S. RK Puram followed by Bachelors's in commerce from SRCC, D.U. (2008-2011). Mrs. Mathur says that D.P.S. RK Puram helped her become the jovial, optimistic, and fierce person that she is. She developed her base of organizational and business skills from her learnings from SRCC. In her final semester, Mrs. Mathur was offered a position in Google Inc. Seeing its world-wide existence and opportunity, she was thrilled to work with Google. She worked with Google for 3 years and learned about aspects like mass operations, people management, product development & launch, the significance of timely and precise feedback, and many other things. Gradually she felt the need to have something of her own. Mrs. Mathura already had a corporate experience of 3 years with several internships that preceded it, she wished to follow her passion now. She immediately started her own seafood business and learned a lot about B2B sales, brand building, product differentiation, profitability, etc. Taking her passion further ahead, she started Mo’s Bakery as she had a very steep inclination for the bakery from the very beginning. Mo’s Bakery got its name as the abbreviation of its owner’s name i.e. Mrs. Mohita Mathur as her friends used to call her by the nickname MO. Mo’s Bakery came into existence when she catered for a family wedding and started getting orders just by the play of word of mouth. At present, Mo’s Bakery has a PAN India presence and they ship over 30 different products

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Eventually, after catering for a family’s wedding, Mo’s Bakery started getting a grand number of orders just by the mechanism of word of mouth and it was becoming hectic to manage it all from home. After seeing the demand and realizing its peak at that point of time in the market, Mrs. Mathur decided to go full-time commercial. She introduced Petite Cookies to her range as she was tired of the monotonous "mithais" available in each market. Their product range includes 12 unique flavors of gourmet cookies with vegan and healthy options; a range of healthy keto crackers; curated natural teas and several gift packs options. The products are prepared in small batches so that they are carefully created and provide the most satisfying experience to their customers.

One of the major obstacles for them was to create awareness and represent themselves as an exquisite brand as compared to other options present in the market and to ensure smooth operations for seamless customer experience. In order to progress for the same motive, they decided to make the cookies in a small bite-sized shape which caught everyone’s attention. The team leveraged social media like Facebook and Instagram to generate awareness and engage with potential customers. Mrs. Mathur had carried out research which concluded that of the available cookies market, very few manufacturers cared about the ingredients of their products or what their customers had to say. This is where they grabbed the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. The lemon cookies are made with real lemons and lemon zest and there is no shortcut to that. The team focused on using natural and healthy ingredients and engaging with the customers regularly about what they were up to. Her business also faced financial difficulties and existential identity issues during the very beginning. But who said you make it large just by talking large. Mrs. Mathur’s optimism helped her sail through all the high tides till she reached her desired destination.


Mrs. Mathur says, “the Indian palate is changing and evolving, people are looking for not only something different and novel but also something with a fresh taste and different eating experience instead of the conventional snacks. This makes the market extremely welcoming of boutique bakeries like Mo’s that will cater to the changing palate of discerning consumers”.

Mrs. Mathur has also been a part of some of the most astounding conferences such as the ‘One Young World Foundation’, which is a global forum for young leaders. She has even attended two of its conferences in Pittsburgh, USA, and Johannesburg, South Africa. Her favorite foreign cuisines are Japanese, Vietnamese, and French and she is a die-hard fan of authentic South Indian food from Coorg and Andhra.

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She expresses her gratitude for her parents who have been her backbone in every aspect, be it financial or strategical or market-based; they were always there for her. Apart from that; her husband, her sisters, and her entire extended family is a flag bearer for her businesses. Mrs. Mathur says, “I personally don’t think there is any point in having an illustrious career if you don’t have a family to go back to”. She makes it a point to dedicate her Sunday to her family without any work and technical interventions.

Their current focus is to expand their presence furthermore not only on online but offline modern retail shelves as well along with introducing a product line that is completely organic and flourishing for health and environment. The COVID-19 lockdown was an extremely interesting phase for Mo's Bakery. They were allowed to operate as an essential service however they were low on staff and raw material was short however the team worked pretty hard during the lockdown. They worked for almost all days during the lockdown and a lot of people took notice of Mo's Bakery during this time. They got a lot of support from Big FM, Little Black Book, and other platforms at this time. They covered Mo’s Bakery for free and made people aware of their offerings during their #vocalforlocal initiatives. 

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If one makes up their mind to portray a show and let it continue, no disruption can stop it. It may slow down the process but that will never mean that it won’t get resumed. The entire expanse is functioning on one basic emotion i.e. Hope as hope is the only thing stronger than fear. As long as you have hope, you have everything!

A personal message from Mrs. Mohita Mathur,

Stay fit, stay happy, and definitely give Mo's Bakery a try :)”.

- Team Satyavachan

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