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Written by Nikita Kapoor It is difficult to prioritize each and every person in our life. Yet we manage to give more priority to a person who tends to give more attention to us. It is a myth when one says, "I am an open book. You can know me in and out." Though at the end of the day when that same person living those last moments of the day before going to sleep, alone. Actually, be his true self. You, your inner thoughts your subconscious mind, your 'bitch mode', your other face; no one actually sees that because you never let those negative aspects come out. Why? Because according to this rule of society more positive a person is more "human" he is.

Is it? If you do not know the other sides of a person, do you actually know him/her completely? That is the other part of the story which states that no one actually knows themselves completely in their entire life.

We share a different kind of relationship with different people around us. We share those topics with the person, which is mutual to us both. It is similar to the aspect where you cannot share your sex life with your parents so easily. To a simpler version, its easier to share my professional thoughts with my colleague rather than my significant other. It is not that he won’t try to understand it. But we won’t be able to connect the way I and my colleague working in the same field would.

All I want to put down is, you never know what and how important a person in your life is, until and unless there is a space between that regular routine. It is good to appreciate the other person from time to time, it is even better to be thankful and it is best when you do both of these things first.

Why take the first step?

People change, grow, evolve, and enhance themselves as time passes. There are things which stay, there are things which we loose with time. Yet, at the end of the time, if you feel something to be worked according to you or in a better way, make it. Because if you won’t, no one will do that for you. If you want it, just do it.

There has been a time when I thought, 'why isn’t this person doing things for me?' And now when I think about the same it is like 'why would he/she ?'

It is simple if a person wants to do something for you or make you feel special or put an effort; he/ she will do it themselves or actually they should have done it by now. Maybe they have already done it in a different way or a gesture you were not able to collect. Still, if you want a particular thing/gesture. Simple ask!

With time, when you start to accept things the way they are. Life seems simpler to enjoy. It is true we do not choose to fall in love with a person or a thing. But remember this, falling in love with truth that exists in reality and falling in love with the thought to change a person to uphold your expectation is another thing. -

Nikita Kapoor

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