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"Love" doesn't mean buying it.

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Feelings are natural they don't come on purpose. They are easier to evolve. Instincts, attraction, and devotion include some aspects of love. Though there is a huge difference between like and love. Society usually states that we tend to buy the things we love in a exchange of respective worth. Yet, we can't buy everything we love. Actually;


May it be thoughts of some goodies or materialist things which we adore, we always can't (and shouldn't even if we can) buy them.

Here, let's discuss feelings for a person.

Loving a person isn't an objective or goal which we have to fulfil along with other tasks of life. It is a feeling that emerges on its own coming along with care, responsibility, and respect. Those are very lucky by lines who can name the things ‘they love' on them.

Let me support my statement with an example:

A couple was dating for a long time. A real relationship with concepts of love, care, respect & understandings. Unaware of a topic that a third person has feelings for one of them. This third-person never shared his thoughts with anyone and he never intended to break the relationship this couple shared. One fine day with a mind full of thoughts he walks to the partner of the person he loved and expresses his feelings. Here is what the partner replied,

"I am grateful so,

To hear the concept of love,

From you for who's mine.

Wait wait!

I appreciate your desires,

They aren't wrong.

Instead, I suggest you

To share it with the actual person.

I know, I know you are scared enough,

As this is different.

But believe me,

I am strong enough!

To let you know

That there is nothing absurd.

Lucky are those who experience love

But that doesn't mean you have to buy it


It also doesn't mean you don't have to express it.

Go now! Share it with the love; you love,

And I believe he would appreciate your efforts too,

I can't promise you the tranquility

But peace through courage. I do!"

Moral: If you love someone or hold a kind of feeling for someone you should express it. No matter what your loved one shares with other. It's just a matter of expression for your feelings to them. And remember expression does not require an answer all it asks for is UNDERSTANDING.

Written by Nikita. D. Kapoor.

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