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OVERTHINK! It gives you details.

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

'Overthinking' the term which is most commonly heard among this decade, maybe before it, yet wasn’t much discussed like today. Google says overthinking is, “to think about (something) too much for too long” to be precise.

“But at least we are thinking!” Some of you might say.



Everyone thinks, but reacts or acts differently. Some people think, act upon it and move on. Some think, don’t act upon it and stay bounded. Some think, think and go on thinking (like me).

Yes, I do overthink about things, situations, pasts, circumstances, future, people, actually about everything coming towards me.

Overthinking isn’t bad, it helps us to get to the details about the topic we have been discussing with ourselves or within ourselves.

Things might be good when you are with people or among the crowd but when you lay down while going to bed, things tend to come up your mind which you are worried or concerned about. Then you think, think and go on thinking and soon you are among insomniacs. No sleep.

But then what are the results? Stress, tiredness, tears and dark circles.

'Talking about it' is one of the solutions. 'Writing it down' is another yet, you don’t want to talk about it to anyone and suddenly you are very lazy to pen every single word down.

You keep it within yourself and at some moment of the dawn you doze off. You get up late in the morning almost afternoon and you look out of the window towards your new day, forget the last night and go with the flow of the new day. You come home back in the evening, soon time for bed and the theory repeats.

Is this what we call “letting it go?”

Why? Why do we need to remember the good and not the bad? Why do we need to let it go when we can overcome it with a little effort? Why do we need to convince ourselves by saying “it will be a new day tomorrow” why can’t we just solve the query now and make it a “Good Night”. Why live depending on the word “will” and not JUST MAKE IT!

What you need is to "GET UP".

At the end,

Talk, it gives you clarity.

Remember the bad part, it helps you build strong. 

Overthink, it helps you find details.

Written by Nikita. D. Kapoor.

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