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It is rightly said that definitely a tunnel is dark and full of terrors but one thing is guaranteed that the progression through that tunnel will give you the access to the most beautifully lighted road ahead. weDESI Entertainment is a Pune based hip-hop influenced music crew which laid its foundation stone in the horrific Covid-19 situation yet decided to never stop and look back.

Friendship is the thing which gave birth to the idea of this crew all together. Mr. Mehul Sachdev aka ‘Goldy Sangeet’ (rapper/lead artist of weDESI) was friends with Gaurav Sangule aka ‘Glorhythm’ for 5-6 years who introduced Goldy Sangeet to DJ Shraykspin (music producer) and Dipen Gadhia (DOP) and in a flick, they jammed; thus, started working as ghost writer and ghost music producer which yielded them negligible earnings. One day DJ Shraykspin shared one of his music pieces with the group and Goldy suggested that all of them should meet in the studio and make the changes to the music just like the way it should sound. Goldy wrote down the verse of that song during the changes were being done and the same day they did a recording session. The song was the debut commercial banger track of weDESI named ‘Mitthiye’.

“People like DJ Milind Dhadve, Akash Tapkir, DJ GB, Arpith Poojary, Saurabh Sharangdhar are the major supporters of weDESI Entertainment, I can’t even imagine weDESI to grow without the support of these friends. Milind Sir has always tried his best and went out of the way to help us with the arrangement of equipment and permit of the locations that we needed for the shoots. My school friend Akash Tapkir is always ready and excited to help me and my crew”, says Goldy.

The crew is thankful to Restaurant Eskobar and Iamsterdam for allowing them to shoot during the rigid covid situation.

Pragya Mishra (the female lead of Mitthiye) and Kajal Katiyar (the official makeup artist of the crew) always said “yes" for the shoot, no matter how busy their schedule was.

It was the pandemic situation which gave ignition to the idea of weDESI and gave them the attention as the nation was under strict lockdown scenario. However, the crew is looking forward to performing live on stage very soon; as for artists it is the stage which acts as a catalyst in the evolution process.

Goldy has upcoming projects in collaboration with The Spindoctor (Dr. Sanjay Meriya) who is one of the oldest hip-hop DJs in India. Also, weDESI is working on Goldy Sangeet's debut album 'GOLD' which will be out by the end of the year 2021.

“In less than a year from the day we started off, we’re doing projects with ALT Balaji,  Netflix and some leading artists from the industry. I'm dead sure that my crew will be know as one of the best music crews from Pune City”, says Goldy. 


They envision to mark Pune on the Indian hip-hop map collectively and represent India one day. The crew also wishes to start a school offering courses like music production and DJing. All those kids who deserve it the most, the school will be a home for them.

-Team Satyavachan


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