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Let’s understand this, being with yourself is not in physical terms only but more in a spiritual form where you connect to your real self, and to come to this space, you need to still yourself, slow down, cut the noise around you, face your insecurities, your worries, your negative emotions, have self-talk, find your answers, count your blessings, look at your past achievements, dream for yourself and realize that you have come a long way and whatever you achieved or could not achieve or your emotions or some incomplete desires, in all this whatever you are feeling now, there could be many other people involved but the one person who was always there with you and who has witnessed your good n bad both, is YOU, so how can you belong to some other person or to some external factor when all your journey till now you have been the constant person with yourself.


Work towards the better version of yourself, be more of everything to yourself.

Belong to Yourself

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