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Nonfiction and self-help provide knowledge but fiction provides wisdom. The beauty of stories is that they are bounded by time, just like us. We not only understand them like any mathematical equation but relate to them on various levels of our lives. Because these people are also living life, they also fall in love and fall out, they also have family issues, they also love and hate their jobs, they also have true friendships and the most amazing thing about them is they are alive, in a world different from ours but also very same. "Stories are an equipment for living" as said by Kenneth Burke, hope this story also touches someone enough to use these journeys and live a life with more love, more acceptance but most importantly with our own truest self. This is fiction but the paths that people in this story took, we all take in our daily lives. We learn to love, hate, feel, emote, and all the things that make a very innate human being.


This story is about a child who just wants to go home with his parent but he has none of the two, a man who wants a family of his dream but the reality is cruel, and a father who wants a secured future for his kids but his present is in a pit, a husband stuck in identity and his wife, three friends stuck with each other, two powerless grandparents, and a mother who wanted everything for her children but looses the most important of them all. And all their lives are intertwined and dependent on every other.


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