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Introducing "Feather Flow" - the embodiment of bohemian chic and literary grace! Adorned with a circle wooden bead at its beginning, this macramé bookmark captivates with its ethereal charm and artisanal allure. Each "Feather Flow" bookmark features a long knotted tail, reminiscent of gentle feathers dancing in the wind.


Let "Feather Flow" accompany you on your reading adventures, gracefully marking your place in the pages of your favorite novels and literary treasures. With its Boho-inspired design and intricate knotting, this bookmark adds a whimsical touch to your reading routine, inviting you to indulge in moments of serene escape.


Available in an array of enchanting colors, each "Feather Flow" bookmark is a unique expression of style and personality. Elevate your reading experience with "Feather Flow" - where the beauty of nature meets the artistry of macramé craftsmanship.

Feather Flow

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