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Limitations are often deciphered as ceaseless obstacles. However, we often forget to let our perspectives evolve. Our only limitations are those which we set up in our own mind, not the ones which are imposed by someone else’s mind. This time we bring to you the true success story of Mr. Shivang Jindal and his journey in this pre-existential conditioning environment.

Mr. Jindal is an ex I.T. professional and a present belly dancer and trainer from Chandigarh. He was a computer science engineer who got placed in an I.T. firm in Pune with a lucrative package. He was completing his 6 months internship in the same firm when he realized that a typical 9 to 5 job with a computer at one place was not his cup of tea. He was not enjoying his profession at all as much as he enjoyed the energy of dancing from the very beginning. Thus, his journey as a belly dancer started there but since he had to make money; he kept on working as an alternative for 3 years. Mr. Jindal had realized his special engrossment in belly dance even before shifting to Pune. He couldn’t find an academy for the same in Chandigarh earlier but when he shifted to Pune, he decided to learn it professionally.


Mr. Jindal was initially timid as he wasn’t aware of any ‘male belly dancer’. But as a matter of fact, facing his fears used to give him more thrill and thus made it a point to keep moving. He used to manage somehow to balance his work life and dance life which used to occupy his weekdays and weekends respectively. Even though the dance classes used to be for one hour, it used to make him jovial which no matter his 9 to 5 job never used to match. Eventually, with the dedication, he started getting better at it and started receiving appreciation for the same!

Along the way, he got to see a performance of a ‘male belly dancer’ Mr. Arun Bhardwaj who runs a belly dance school named Indian Tribal School in Pune for the first time and he felt so relieved to not be the only one to be an odd one out. Mr. Jindal also joined Indian Tribal School as a student later.  Balancing his work life and passion was a bit difficult for him as many times he had to work till late night/ extra hours just to be able to attend dance workshops. People always used to mock him for being a ‘male belly dancer’ which is categorized primarily for females. Along with appreciation, he also used to get hate comments, criticism and used to get trolled on the uploaded belly dance videos. Mr. Jindal spoke his heart out about the same to one of his dance teachers- Shiraz Irani (founder of Soul Goddess Belly Dance School) and with her support, he learned how to encompass himself withing an ineffective cocoon to unwanted comments. He still is the receiver of all those comments but he picks up from those which appreciate his skills, his courage, and his talent.


In due course he grasped, just like him people with their own different perspective will mold it too. He was underconfident for being a ‘male belly dancer’ and credits to childhood bullying and extremism for calling out on his feminine traits which had a huge impact on him. But his will to learn and perform belly dance has been greater than any situation and down pull. After working for 3 years, he was comfortable in Pune. But taking the decision to quit his job and move to Chandigarh for starting his dance career coupled with family issues acted as a trigger. When he was moving back to Chandigarh, he had a disguised fear of his family accepting his passion and his career choice. Once he moved back to Chandigarh, it took some time for his parents to accept his career switch but they are accepting it with time. Nevertheless, his parents always supported him monetarily as well as emotionally. He used to collaborate for workshops which many at times used to be misfiring and was transient. He once or twice had thoughts of going back to his I.T. profession due to finances since dance as a career wasn’t working out initially but never did it as he never felt like doing it for real again. Mr. Jindal was always open to the idea of traveling for learning belly dance in workshops and even for conducting workshops. 

Mr. Jindal always knew that those miserable days would pass and he made it a point to never surrender for something that he loved. He knew he was doing it right and that helped him to stay positive all the way. Mr. Jindal says, “winners are those who stay with the difficulties, fight with it and then make a comeback”.

He is extremely thankful to his brother Mr. Nishant Jindal, parents and close friends who always acknowledged his work and invigorated him to grow and continue. He says that his brother had a major role in helping him become what he is today. His brother clarified his parent’s doubts, was a protective brother, and always had his back. Mr. Jindal has been trained under national and international teachers and is constantly growing and evolving.

He eventually collaborated with an academy-Fusion Hub Dance & Fitness Academy, Chandigarh wherein the owner was supportive, started a batch on his own, and also became a certified dance teacher in a school. He also started his own dance classes by the name Belly Dance with Shivang Jindal, things started getting better and are still on its way to the destination.

We often compromise our dreams and desires for those fugacious societal conditions which never evolve. On our way to achieve our happiness, we always stop to make those people happy who eventually hesitate in your success. No matter what the world thinks, one got to do what makes him/her happy and if you are doing it, someday you will achieve it all no matter what. Just don’t lose hope!

A personal message from Mr. Shivang Jindal,

“We have to be stronger than our fears to live happily and overcome societal boundaries. Just keep going and don’t stop. Stick with and it will click. Maybe not today but someday all of it will count. Everyone has a combination of both masculine and feminine traits. If somebody chooses to express for what they feel like, we shouldn’t judge”.

- Team Satyavachan

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