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Ten Colour Productions

It is rightly said that colour is the power that directly influences the soul. Colour is a deep, mysterious language; a language of dreams! Whenever someone wishes to portray the emotion of happiness, the person uses the term colour as a messenger. This time, Satyavachan by Peach Blink brings to you a delightful and colorful story of two skillful and accomplished professionals; Mr. Nitesh Ranglani & Mr. Parzaan Dastur and their company ‘Ten Colour Productions’.


Ten Colour Productions (TCP) is a Film Production Company that was founded by Mr. Nitesh Ranglani and Mr. Parzaan Dastur in the year 2017.  Mr. Nitesh Ranglani and Mr. Parzaan Dastur have been part of the Hindi film industry, advertising, and digital marketing since 2012; as Assistant Directors, Writers, Creative Directors, and Producers. It was their love for conceptualizing ideas, giving birth to those ideas with emotion, and film-making that led to the foundation of TCP. Mr. Ranglani hails from a film background and always wanted to be a director and producer. Despite having very little inclination towards academics, he was always certain to pursue film-making as his career. While, Mr. Dastur has been a child actor since 1995 and has performed alongside legends like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in movies like Mohabbatein, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Parzania, and Sikandar to name a few. And with their chosen love for cinema, they took the leap and went ahead with their passion and thus began the journey of Ten Colour Productions.


Nitesh and Parzaan met during the pre-production of Dharma Productions’, ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’, directed by Punit Malhotra, where they were working as Assistant Directors. With similar job responsibilities, they interacted quite often and eventually got along very well throughout the filming of GTPM and discovered their mutual liking for films.


After a few years of working individually on various projects as assistant directors on films like Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, Dharam Sankat Mein, Fitoor, Dishoom, and many more, these two friends decided to do something together and take their love for film-making to another level. While Nitesh wanted to direct and Parzaan wished to act, they came together as a perfect package for their first short film. Both of them managed to write a script together in 10 days for a short film which had a motive of portraying the essence and beauty of the mother-son relationship, that they produced as well. To take their vision forward, many of their friends who have also been a part of the Hindi film industry in different departments, decided to come together and lend a helping hand. After connecting all big and small pieces together; their first digital film, ‘Pocket Mummy’, in collaboration with Suburban Diagnostics starring veteran actress Madhoo and Parzaan Dastur as lead actors, directed by Nitesh Ranglani, made its entry into the digital market on May 13, 2017, and was recognized and appreciated by all. The release of ‘Pocket Mummy’ marked the beginning of Ten Colour Productions. They were extremely satisfied that their first short film graduated the arena of the digital market with flying colours and was received with equal love and affection they made it with. Gradually, they got an opportunity to produce their first celebrity television commercial, which is due to go on-air soon, with an A-lister superstar.

While they were still starting out, they knew it was not going to be an easy run and it was important for them to make sure that their clients trusted them with their vision and promise. Like any other business, it took a little while for them to establish their credibility for their services. Talking from Nitesh Ranglani’s stand-point, he says, “Coming from a film background, a lot of people used to say things like, “Tere father tereko director bana kar launch kar denge, don’t worry, you have it easy. Whereas, when I decided to take up films, my father told me to fend for myself and he will not refer me to any filmmaker, but will back me morally and emotionally”.  

In the last 4 years of TCP, Nitesh and Parzaan have managed to secure all their projects on their own merit. Initially, while they hired freelance technicians on a project basis, it was just the two of them, managing the rest of the activities, like administration, accounts, scripting, production, and so on. With days turning into nights and nights turning to mornings, they made sure their deliveries never suffered and never gave any client an opportunity to complain. However, in due course, they managed to put together a team of their own, that they call their family, that comprises of Editors, Writers, DOP, Social Media Personnel etc.

To date, Ten Colour Productions has managed to produce numerous projects with eminent brands such as Bosch, Livogen, Bacardi, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Times, Outlook Traveller, eBay, Deloitte, Gujarat Tourism, TransUnion CIBIL, and many more in various segments like Television Commercials, Digital Ads, Music Videos, Promos, Animation, Branded Content, Corporate AVs and Travel. Their reel also boasts of celebrities like Hardik Pandya, Sukriti Kakar, Prakriti Kakar, Akasa Singh, Anjali Barot, Atul Khatri, Dipannita Sharma, and others that they have collaborated with in the past, in such a short span.


2020 started off with a bang for TCP as they had bunch of projects lined up until COVID-19 struck. Just like other companies, the pandemic took TCP also by a storm and there was an abrupt pause to the progress. However, they are grateful to their team, their vendors and suppliers who understood the situation and stood by them, instead of adding more pressure on Nitesh and Parzaan, which in turn has only strengthened the overall bond of everyone involved.

Nitesh and Parzaan are thankful to few people like, Punit Malhotra (Director) who never hesitated in putting forth a good word for them, Shariq Patel (CEO, Zee Studios) who was an amazing mentor to them and their respective families who were always there for them and with them through thick and thin.

The night is always full of dark and terrors, but the sun has to rise again. Every successful mission becomes a rewarding and lucrative one only after following the pathway of hard work.


A personal message from Nitesh and Parzaan, “The stepping stones towards success is formed by honesty, ethics, patience, hard work and trust. If your intentions are right, you will automatically be guided in the right direction. You just need to identify those signs of opportunities from the universe, believe your vision and success will follow!”

-Team Satyavachan

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