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Tushar Sen

When a person decides to follow the undying passion, he/she ultimately paves the pathway for the eventual purpose which is gradually attained. When we allow our passion to determine our purpose, no one can stop it from becoming our profession. This time we bring to you the story of Mr. Tushar Sen, who decided to let his love for his work speak for his profession.

Mr. Tushar Sen is a poet and a writer. He has been featured in interviews with Yahoo!, Buzzfeed, TEDx, The Statesman and to name but a few, for his exceptional work in the field of literature. He has been given the title of ‘Accidental Poet’ by TEDx as the idea of becoming a poet came naturally and accidentally. He also received the ‘Achiever Award’ for his contribution in the field of literature. Mr. Sen bumped into this idea on someone’s wall and decided to experiment with it. Mr. Sen started producing content and he started with a small radio shack and fondly called it ‘Radioactive Tushar’. When he released his first session, it was immensely loved by the audience and due to this loving response; Mr. Sen was approached by an ad-film maker to convert the voice file into a video. It was an instant hit as it accumulated over 200k views in no time. It received such a heart-warming response that the poem was adapted by a production house a month later and made into a video, only this time the voice was Mr. Bachchan’s.


Since then, there was no looking back for Mr. Sen. An artist is always ignited with the love and affection he receives as a result. He says, “An artist is always hungry for appreciation and encouragement, for me, it kept coming from my listeners”. The local radio shack which he started as an ‘accident’ was now listened to worldwide in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Indonesia, and Morocco. Mr. Sen was always questioned about the strategy he habituates for creating his content. But as Mr. Sen says that there was no strategy for his content as his every content used to speak for itself. He used to get inspired by the write-ups which he used to receive to review by his listeners. All those listeners used to create their content in 6-8 minutes and Mr. Sen used to analyze it all, think over it, and create a discrete content in 4-5 days!


However, it is always easier said than done. Mr. Sen says, “building content is the hard part, and that’s where the reward is hidden; the deeper one digs for content the greater is his reward. Building content is a layered process I believe, we need to be aware of our audience, their taste, their attention span, and their flair”. The one thing which made Mr. Sen unique is that he used to enclose his content to 1 minute which made Yahoo! give him the title of ‘one-minute-poet’. Mr. Sen says, “spending time with your creation is like romancing with it, you will only spend more time with her if you are truly and madly in love with her, the more you spend time with her the more she’ll blossom. Your creation has to love you back, if it doesn’t then you’ve failed as a creator”.

Mr. Sen apart from writing customizes his way into painting, photography, and screenwriting as well. His first venture as a screenwriter – ‘Zulfi’; a short film based on his book Pandora’s Box is now doing its rounds in the film festivals and has already won 5 awards at the festivals like Best Short Script - Tripvill International Short Film Festival, Outstanding Short Script - Tagore International Short Film Festival, Best Short Script – Golden Valley Global Cinefest, Best Short Script - Panjim International Short Film Festival, Best Short Film – Crownwoods International Short. His second short film ‘Jasaarat’ is in pre-production too at present.

Till date, Mr. Sen has created 45 episodes and it’s the appreciation and love that kept him going from one episode to another. He never thought of a duet (jugalbandi) until an RJ requested for collaboration and he decided to give it a shot. His listeners were taken by the addition of another voice on to his content and show and thus, he made 3 episodes in collaboration with distinctive artists. One of them was a theatre producer from Pakistan. He collaborated with a well-known female actor to complete his trilogy of jugalbandi. All of them were in dilemma for a common obstacle that is; to present the content under 1 minute. The collaboration worked well and was well received by the listeners.

Mr. Sen says that one should worship and dig into the depths of learnings of their idols and it should stay secretive with them; who their idol is- “an idol, therefore, is to be worshipped in the depths of one’s heart, and not to be disclosed”. Mr. Sen’s creation and content has nothing to do with the description of his present scenario. He writes to discover his pathway to happiness and satisfaction. 

A person should always follow his heart and not the world's as he is living for his happiness and not for someone else’s heart. The maximum one can do is follow your heart and contribute to a better tomorrow for others!

- Team Satyavachan


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