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Yash Tiwari

Age doesn’t mean how old are you. But how many years of experience you have accumulated in that short span of time and how you have lived. Age is a figure practically, but we always forget to couple it with the learnings one has had all along. This time we bring to you the story of a youngster who decided to break the norms related to age and establish his meaning of existence with his actions; Mr. Yash Tiwari.


Mr. Yash Tiwari is an 18-year-old, Asian, and Indian book record holder for being the youngest author to write a fiction novel on the Novel Coronavirus outbreak! Mr. Tiwari had this fascination with words and stories since he was 6 years old. At that tender age too, he used to weave words into stories, and fortunately, his parents always used to praise it. Mr. Tiwari’s parents used to upload their son’s creations online on a blog. This act further compelled him to create more and deliver more stories.

Mr. Tiwari is at present actively working in the field of public speaking, motivational speaking, and international youth mentorship. He has recently authored a book named “Pandemic 2020: Rife Of The Virus”. Mr. Tiwari has been acclaimed nationally and internationally for the same. He also secured a place in ‘India Book Of Records’ and ‘Asian Book Of Records’. Mr. Tiwari says that even if it is categorized as fiction, the book is based on actual and factual concepts. This book realistically portrays the various dimensions of the same situation, from different corners of the world. The book received numerous positive feedbacks as people were able to connect to the story directly. Even though the book revolves around a topic which is pessimistic, but the elevating point is that in the end it unfolds a positive and motivating message.


At 16 years of age, Mr. Tiwari decided that he wanted to convert his fondness into a reality. By that time, he had already written many award-winning poetries and research papers but had a deep affection for story creation. He started working on the story and completed his story “A Celebration In Tribulation” in a record time of a mere 22 days. The book was based on a story that originated around a plot that circumnavigated around CJD-Jakob’s disorder. Mr. Tiwari came to know about this disorder after he read about it. Around 1000 people become the carrier of this syndrome in a year, and yet there is a lack of awareness regarding the same around the world. Thus, Mr. Tiwari decided to write a book that encompasses this issue for his first book. He started getting immense national and international recognition for his book as well when it was published.

In his 12th std. he was crowned with the responsibilities of a schoolboy. All these roles with the mindset to do better and bring a change are what kept him on the path. His inspiration has always been to write on issues that lack awareness in society, wherein his books can implement a change. 

He has been acknowledged by various media platforms like BBC Hindi Radio, The Times Of India, The Daily Guardian, The Asian Chronicle, Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, The Pioneer, Amar Ujala, The Statesman India Ahead News Channel, Newsd and to name a few.

But being so young in his field of expertise, Mr. Tiwari was always judged by outdated ideologies of age-related success and achievements. He has always been a subject to youthism; prejudice based on a person’s age and discrimination against youth. People always used to say that youngsters are not that much capable to speak on social topics or run the world, they have negligible exposure and experience and are not potential. Being on the brim of his teenage, he has watched various faces of judgments based on age. But Mr. Tiwari always says, “my work and actions should speak louder than outdated ideologies. Being angry is not an answer”. He never gave those comments a chance to come in between of his pathway, rather used those same judgments as medicines to evolve his pathway in a better and beautiful way. All these complications led him where he stands today and he is thankful for it. 

Mr. Tiwari always envisioned himself to be in this field. His passion grew more when he realized his single TED talk of 17 minutes can motivate crores and change their mindset for the better. This further motivated him to keep on moving on the same path, which emitted change at the end of the tunnel. Up till now, Mr. Tiwari has rendered 4 TED talks, a Josh talk, and authored 2 books. He was associated recently with United Nations 75 World Peace Initiative and has also conducted several events on national and international levels. 


Mr. Tiwari expresses his gratitude for his parents, who have always been supportive and motivating. His parents always encouraged him for his happiness and his contentment. He is also thankful to his mentors who have guided him consistently and friends who have encouraged him for good. He sees Covid-19 with a positive hint as it gave everyone ample time to work on themselves and the society for a better tomorrow.


One’s imagination cannot be defined by their age, but definitely by their course of action. A person shouldn’t make a wish list for ‘things to do before you turn 30’. But rather pave your own pathway and timeline to fulfill all those wishes. Even though the world will continue to pull you down, you should always be the one to observe the ray of hope.

A personal message from Mr. Yash Tiwari, “all of us have a great deal of capacity, caliber, and passion within us. What we are affected by is self-doubt. We need to remember that we just need to kindle the fire and make a bonfire out of it and we need to take the first step to take it further”.

- Team Satyavachan

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