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A Place Where Miracles Are Created

Everyone’s destiny leads them to the path they never expect to walk on. Some experience it well but some never accept the way the story of their life has been written. Here we give you a chance to write your destiny of life till now, the destiny you expect to experience in future or have experienced in the  past which leads to the future with expected miracles on a paper in the form of shadows.

       Here we invite you to share with us the Shadows of your Destiny along with Miracles. And that’s why we are called MOUTJZA. A place where miracles don’t happen but are created. A place where we live in present and work with the past to make a beautiful future.

     Come join us to live your present, to get a council, to write your destiny, to know others destiny and to share a bond which will connect us as a club.

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Harbinger of Hope

An English Anthology for & by the members of Moutjza Club

Harbinger of Hope is a step that signifies each and every person involved in its creation as the messenger of positivity. Every author in this anthology has reflected their own aspect and perspective for maintaining mental balance, calmness, and hope. Be it love, faith, prayers, dreams- all of it having a different hint of hope. The co-authors have portrayed and penned down their ray of hope which might ignite the spark in the reader’s mind and heart. From childhood memories to self-soaking time, everyone has their own angle to absorb it. Even when it seems like a dead-end, you keep standing there being the one to fight it all and that’s when you become the Harbinger Of Hope for yourself too.

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by the members of MOUTJZA Club

Writing in a Graph Notebook



The Most Exciting Writing Competition’s Winners are…



Krati Jain

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Bheru Singh Rajput

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