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Dive into the captivating world of Artificial Intelligence. From its intriguing origins to its widespread applications today, this book will take you on a journey through the evolution of AI. Discover how visionaries turned theory into reality and meet the minds behind the AI revolution. But that's not all – we're here to debunk the myths and misconceptions that surround AI. Get ready for an eye-opening experience as we demystify the technology and empower you with the knowledge you need to embrace it confidently.

Why should you buy this book?

Because AI isn't just a buzzword – it's a game-changer. Learn how AI is transforming your daily life and revolutionizing industries like never before. Dive into the perspectives of industry experts, providing you with invaluable insights that will keep you engaged from start to finish.



Nikita Kapoor is a dynamic individual with an impressive academic and professional background. She is a graduate of Symbiosis and an alumna of UPES (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies), where she honed her skills and knowledge in Digital Business. With a passion for publishing and content development, Nikita Kapoor is the proud director of Peach Blink, a flourishing publishing and content development company. Under her leadership, Peach Blink has grown to be a prominent player in the industry, known for its innovative approach to content creation and dissemination. In addition to her role at Peach Blink, Nikita is also affiliated as a consultant at Shakuntala Vidyalaya, where her expertise is valued in shaping educational strategies and content development. Nikita Kapoor's achievements extend to the realm of research and academia. She is the lead published researcher of the book 'Future of Retail Management,' authored by Er. Rishi Kapal, a significant contribution to the field of retail management. Nikita Kapoor's accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. In 2023, she received recognition from Foxstory India and was proudly listed among the top 100 women entrepreneurs in India. Her dedication and innovative spirit have also led Peach Blink to be awarded the title of "Best Emerging Publishing Company of India" in 2022 by the Powerful Women Awards. Furthermore, in 2021, Silicon India acknowledged Peach Blink by including it in the esteemed list of the top 10 digital publishing and broadcasting companies in India. Nikita Kapoor's philosophy revolves around the belief that every perspective matters. She recognises that experiences teach us invaluable lessons that cannot be found in the pages of textbooks or in theoretical knowledge. With her multifaceted background and dedication to her craft, Nikita continues to make significant strides in the world of publishing and education, inspiring others with her passion and innovative approach.


Tushir Malik is a Global Professional with 28+ years of experience in Business Development, Sales and Delivery, working with IT, Telecom, Product and Systems Integrator Orgs across the USA, Europe and India. He has subject matter proficiency in IOT / M2M, Digital, AI and Telecom solutions. He is currently utilizing his industry experience to transform education & working towards empowering the next generation with a diverse perspective. To effect, this has co-created a Curriculum for Universities called “Intelligent Automation” or “Digital Transformation”, a blend of new age skills IOT, AI and Robotics.

He was CEO of iWIRE Global & before it, VP of Sales & Business Development for Vodafone-Idea India for IOT, Head of IOT Strategy for Jio and VP for Aeris Communications roles. He has a B.Tech from NIT Kurukshetra in Electronics and Communication, Diploma in Management from ICM, Dublin (Ireland), and Management Certification Programs from XLRI Jamshedpur, ISB Hyderabad and IIM Kolkata. Also active with Brave-hearts (Vertical of Rotary International) for various social activities. Have many articles been published on LinkedIn with the hashtag #iotforgood. He had authored a book ‘#IoT For Good’ in 2023 to share his experiential knowledge on IOT.

3. Sachin Korla is a visionary entrepreneur and a computer science engineer who has made a significant impact through his innovative ventures. He embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with the creation of "InternWell," a platform aimed at bridging the gap between students and live projects, providing invaluable real-world experience to the next generation. However, Sachin's journey extends beyond just entrepreneurship. He took a significant detour in his career when he became an SBI Youth for India fellow. During this transformative period, he worked tirelessly in a remote village in Odisha, India, where he witnessed firsthand the power of technology in uplifting underprivileged lives. This experience reaffirmed his belief in the potential of technology as a tool for positive social change. Sachin's unwavering commitment to social impact has culminated in the establishment of UdyamWell, a platform where he combines his technical expertise with a deep- seated desire to bring about positive change in society. Through UdyamWell, Sachin continues to make a difference by leveraging technology to address pressing social issues and improve the lives of marginalised communities. Sachin Korla's journey is marked by his passion, dedication, and the unwavering belief in the transformative power of technology and entrepreneurship. His inspiring story serves as a beacon of hope and motivation for those fortunate enough to work alongside him, as they witness firsthand the positive change he is creating in the world.

4. Dr. Saurabh Maheshwari is a highly accomplished figure in the field of education, renowned for his expertise and extensive experience spanning nearly two decades across various sectors of the education industry. With a Master's degree in Technology and a Doctorate in Education Management, he possesses a unique blend of technical knowledge and educational insights. Dr. Maheshwari is a strong advocate for the transformative potential of technology in education. He firmly believes that technology has the power to revolutionise the education landscape, making it more accessible, engaging, and personalised for learners of all backgrounds. His dedication to this vision has been a driving force behind his illustrious career. One of his primary goals is to position India as a global education leader and a recognised Knowledge Bank. Dr. Maheshwari's passion for education is evident in his relentless pursuit of innovative solutions and strategies that enhance the learning experience.

He is widely celebrated for his pioneering work in integrating technology seamlessly into educational practices. His innovative approaches have not only enriched the educational ecosystem but have also contributed significantly to the advancement of educational technology solutions. Dr. Saurabh Maheshwari's commitment to educational excellence continues to inspire educators, learners, and stakeholders alike as he works towards a brighter and more inclusive future for education in India and beyond.

5. Amber's academic exposure stretches between measuring light years, gravity and sizing up bits and bytes. The college used to call them physics graduation and computer science post-graduation. He designs and architects software in a technology firm, for a living. And is chief architect for the MNC serving over 1 billion USD revenue product engineering for the health science industry. He has vast experience in AI, ML, Cloud and digital modernisation implementations for varied industries for over last 20 years or so. He hails from Surat but now breaks the bread in Pune and believes in a simple philosophy of letting the toons speak and letting them spill the fun beans! He feels that cartooning has no boundary and is a limitless way to express your imagination. He has authored book - "5 people in his life", "2020, the year that wasn't" and have digitally published his cartoons that savour the funny and sarcastic nature of daily routine, social, political & technological happenings. His single-panel cartoons appear in Gujarat Daily, various books and newsletters, technology sites and on this very book’s cover.

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