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An ode to our land!


The tri-color will be hoisted again with pride and flutter high,

Its waves will tell new stories and old, of all struggles gone by.

It unfurls the countless sacrifices, the bond of strength and unity

Of people who have strived for our freedom and for our dignity,

Saffron for courage, White for peace, Green for growth –they stand,

To remind us the brotherhood we share and the promise to our land.

There’s prosperity, opportunity, progress and lessons of great success

There are times of challenges, destruction, losses and times of distress.

But our nation will always rise above and win the test of time,

Oneness in all and all in oneness is our single motto so sublime.

Ours in not a country with limits to our presence and progress,

We are everywhere making a mark with brains, talents and dress.

We stand one in unity ,one in dignity and one in goals to reach,

To grow our achievements, new lessons to learn and to teach.

On the path of life’s journey, every citizen has a story to tell

Some inspiring, some astonishing, some that ring a bell.

True spirit of India fills the heart, mind and our soul,

As we celebrate our Independence – that is 75 years Old.

Happy Independence Day to all!

-Dr. C. J. Rajendra Prasad-

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1 Comment

Shiv Panikker
Shiv Panikker
Aug 15, 2021

Really heartwarming and well constructed article 👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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