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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

What do we mean by Attention? The respect people give us or the value a person gives?

We come across many terms related to Respect and Value. Some definitions are,  ‘a respect given to our elders is considered as a value of our life’


‘to obey someone’.

Let me tell you, all the respects can come under the topic of Value but not all values can come under the subtopic i.e. Respect. Here, among those Values which don’t come under Respect the most popular is ATTENTION.

Attention is a topic, an untangle value that a person gives another person or an object. For example, a listener gives attention to the speaker while listening or communicating. Further, the term Attention can be classified into two directions I.e Direct Attention and Indirect Attention.

Direct Attention can be the one when two sources have no obstruction in between (like in the above example of face to face communication).

Whereas, Indirect Attention can be the opposite of Direct Attention which includes the obstacles/ the third party such as a person who is sending our message to the receiver, our text message read by someone, a blog read by a person. The best example of indirect attention is that of NOW! you are reading this blog which is written by me that means you are giving Indirect Attention to me. Isn’t that crazily logical?

Let’s now talk about Attention and our day to day life. We live in a society where we cross path with many people around us, known and unknown. If known personalities cross our path we greet them with a smile or a gesture. There are situations when this kind of moments become weird when other people do not react to our gesture. If the person is unknown, it doesn’t matters much but if the person is known then what would be our revert action?

When a person chooses to ignore someone or to act in a specific way there must be a reason behind it. Eventually, the feeling of the other person matters. Actions defined by reasons or without reason, always create an impact on the receiver (positive or negative).

It is a human nature, the behaviour of people changes through time or with the experiences they face in life.

We can’t help a person with such nature or ask him/her to act in a particular way. The thing we can do is to LET IT GO, because there are some things or paths in our life that aren’t meant to walk on. We just can’t force ourselves to the environment which is not meant for us or which we are not meant for.  While there are some people who at first decide to give lots of attention to us directly, but with passing time they start ignoring us and that hurts.

What made me write this piece is ‘people’ who contacted me telling their problems which were mostly based on this topic. So here are my views on this LET IT GO.

There are chances that a question can arrive in your mind “Why to let it go?”. Let me tell you again, every answer to a question resides within the question itself.

Written by Nikita. D. Kapoor.

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