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Corona Pyaar Hai!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

All this while you have struggled to gather just fraction of minutes from your daily, busy, bought by an MNC, time and now voilà, you have it all. Not just an hour, not just a day, but weeks and who knows months. Yet who knows not even a day for some. At this point of time, it won’t be wrong to say “Kya Pata, Kal Ho Na”, and that’s why my friend- Corona Pyaar Hai.

Spend time with your family. Clarify all the misunderstandings. All those days when you were not able to have dinner with your parents, share each meal now with them. Watch all those series you have dreamed to watch your entire work schedule. Channelize your inner MasterChef and create that wondrous recipe you have thought of, or even if not been thinking of but hey you still can.

Remember that friend of yours living next door who’s now just a mere acquaintance? Whom you meet every day now in the elevator sharp at 9:00am? Break that monotony, say hello (but don’t shake hands). Discuss politics, stock market, discuss the conclusion of all the common meetings, and now up to you.

Show your love to those from whom you have hidden it all the way not intentionally but merely because life goes on. Now that your “entire life in a nutshell” of 2 months is in quarantine (yes, that’s the new term added to everyone’s dictionary now), let it out. Those people refraining from expressing their emotions, let it out. Those people refraining from writing down, let it out. Let love, care and affection rise above the adversities of lock down.

Yes, it’s the phase of difficult time. But one can still feel content at the right place with the right ones. You have been with your partner/lover since a long time, now that the lost bird is back to its nest; time to extend a hand of gratitude to your mommy.

Don’t even waste a single minute thinking that tomorrow will be the day when I will plant those saplings. Now is the time to sow the seed. As in present, we don’t know how much time we have or how much time will it take for that seed to outgrow all the others, but all that we can do is take care of it for as long as it permits us to.

Maybe nothing will happen at all, nothing will change at all. And, after 15 days we will get back to our normal time constricted life again. But then again, this cycle will come back where you will keep searching for this time. Time that you’re letting go off so easily today.

There’s so much to do for your own self, and still very little time. Even though today its difficult to get through the day as you are not used to it. But tomorrow you will be.

Learn that dance form, learn that language, opt for that certificate course now (and since there is no internet shutdown, well hello!). Let your old self grow out of its cocoon and evolve into a new, better, learned person.

Give time to yourself. Prioritize now your mental health above anything. Now you can have that warm brewed cup of coffee in peace, staring out of the window and spinning your own thread of story without any haste.

Now is the time, where you have actual time, where you have yourself, where you have your people. It's going to be now or never. Let your love rule over corona because, “Kaho Na Pyaar Hai”.

P.s. inspired by 1700201036 <3

Written by Sonica Singh

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