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Dear You...

Written by, Rishitha Beesabathuni

Hey you, yes you! Just hold on . Ain't u tired? U have been running in this race since ur birth. Did u ever think what is this race for? A race for money? Or a race for fame? Whatever the destination is , just stop for a while and look around!

Wake up! Look at how long u have travelled! U have come all the way from a world of creatures to a world of currency.From being an emotion, happiness has now turned out to be a thing.Do u remember how happy u were as a kid, when currency din't conquer ur mind? Do u even know how mental peace and happiness feels like? May be u don't, because it's so hard to find it these days.This race will take u to places away from love, care and satisfaction.

Observe how u are drifting away from those u love, and from those who love u.Yes, currency is important, but not more than people. Imagine having a huge super luxurious house, most expensive car, and limitless money, but not even a single person around u! Neither ur family, nor ur friends. U have no one to go on long drives, to eat together, to surprise u on ur special days, to wish somebody on their special days, most amazing phone with not even a single contact! All ur smiles,laughter, joy, happiness, tears would vanish. May be u will forget how to speak, because u don't have anyone to speak! How does this feel? Vulnerable? It's beyond that!

Life is not a race. It's a journey.Earn respect and love. Explore different places. Spend memorable time with your people. Discover yourself. May be when u grow old, u will forget ur bank password but not the memories with your loved ones. Life is all about creating a balance between emotions and materials. Don't just survive, live ur life. Realise the fact , u have only one life! . Happy living!

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