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Written by Harsha Chandani

Everlasting creations, discoveries, advancements, and yet great distances in reaching towards someone who breathes with us. Restlessly occupied in condemning others for letting others down, interestingly failing to do justice to ourselves by escaping from it? Journey after journey, experience over experience, never-ending explorations finally concludes by hollowing the same individual who signed the accord for undertaking this adventure. Days and nights fall short to look back, identifying the day when the Warfare took its birth, Hazy in its outlook once again deceived the witty and stayed for yet another decade searching its way out.

Newspapers, Reports, and Articles filled with harsh words, inhumane activities performed by humane beings, sanctions unimaginable Severities, surrender their hopes the very next hour when compelled to bring to notice the same innocent acts.

In search of the person who once was untouched by evil forces, I see nothing else but dark shades. Completely unaware, I am forced to question mankind Were we ever Humane? Dwell down into the depths of your ocean and hear the child inside you screaming to find its lost self. Let’s secretly try to lose ourselves within ourselves, thereby emerging victorious, bridging the gap between our words and actions, and reconsidering the meaning of Humanity once and for all those who still fail to give up the idea of preserving an already lost hope.

Convincing our mind, heart, and soul not to resist the idea of searching for innate goodness, let us once again rise in front of our own eyes by discovering ourselves.

Written by Harsha Chandani

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