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Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Written By - Dhee Basu

We always imagine a man, wearing a mysterious wooden mask, that turns him into a green-faced and fast-paced notorious man, creating chaos and laughter. THE MASK is the movie name, that you are looking for. We reminisced our childhood days and filled with joy and excitement when thought about car games and the bruuum bruuum sound we made during games. No worries anymore, Musk is here to serve us.

Elon Musk, a man of words, hard work, & technology. He is famous for his contribution to technology and established many well-known brands like Paypal, SpaceX, Tesla. This man has already exceeded the wealth amount Jeff Bezos has, last year and enlisted himself as the richest person in 2020. He earlier had numerous endeavors like PayPal, computer games & came to the limelight due to his SpaceX company and his idea to colonize Mars. Tesla is one of the premium car brands available in the market and it has stores around North America, the Middle East, some countries in the Asia Pacific, and Europe. After multiple speculations, the dynamic persona has confirmed his venture to India, quite a while ago & put the seal on it on 13th Jan 2021 with his two-word tweets, “As Promised”. Tesla is nowadays considered as one of the costly cars and fastest among all. In between speculations, Musk as well as Our transport minister Nitin Gadkari had confirmed the R&D unit of Tesla India Motors & Energy in our Silicon Valley, Karnataka. Yet they have confirmed other states like Tamilnadu, New Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujrat as well for business expansion. Musk promised to sell his lovely creation from 2021, though the Pandemic hit India quite hard, & the economic stability of India is under observation. Though Musk openly admits in the country of 1.30 billion people, he is targeting only the wealthy community, though he said, “as the production goes high, maybe the upper middle class can afford Tesla too, You never know”. Karnataka C.M BS Yediyurappa is hoping to lead India's journey towards Green Mobility through Tesla.

While people are going through job loss, the economy is getting collapsed, all are eagerly looking for how Tesla performs in this vast economy and how this automobile company changes the present scenario of this specific industry and environment. Karnataka occupies 4th position in India in the automobile industry and contributes 8.5% of the national output for the same industry. In the presence of TATA, TOYOTA, TVS, MAHINDRA, VOLVO who diligently served the entire nation with their Cars, and employment to more than 55000 people in a single state, it is to be watched how Tesla to help in our economy. In the primitive stage, Tesla CEO already declared it to be the premium product for the wealthy segment so apart from owning that car, students and experienced employees around India are looking for a way to be part of this company.

Tesla cars use lithium-ion batteries to power up their supercars, and for this, they need charging points for their cars. Bengaluru is famous for its traffic and in India amid all petrol-diesel car owners, and bumpy roads with pot-holes, how tesla works on the roads, is a noteworthy moment to experience. While expectation from Tesla is ranging higher, the pressure on this prime automobile brand is getting deeper. As the D-day is getting closer, the questions are arising, Is India Tesla ready? , or do we need tyres for better grip on the road, do we have 2600 charging stations for an electric vehicle?

Keeping worry aside, from Silicon Valley to the Silicon Valley of India transition, has ignited the hope among youngsters to Wealthy, to acquire, to possess, to cherish the supercar of the era. Tesla has established its premium brand value like Apple & its exquisite looks to unbelievable performance have become successful to generate craze and longing among people. Now all we can wait and see before we can say, “Ssssssssmokin” to Tesla.

Written By - Dhee Basu

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1 Comment

Krati Jain
Krati Jain
May 23, 2021

This somehow ignited my will to see the supercar asap!

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