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Father's Day

Written By Dhee Basu

“Congratulations! You have a daughter or son”, Doctor greeted. 35 years old careless, confused 6 ft male became emotional and cried while holding his baby. He is a father now. That man became quieter, worried about the finance who used to spend money like a teenager, came back home from work early so he can play with his sunshine. Fatherhood is a crucial stage that comes to each male sooner or later. A stage where they have to perform like they can serve the best, the best decision taker, the best lover, and so on conventional societal pressure push them so hard that they sometimes even forget about their likes or dislikes.

Father is another synonym of Love, Care, Protection. As soon as the baby came out of the mother’s womb, the father is responsible too for the right upbringing of the child. Father has to be the umbrella and wall to their wife and children. A man who performs everyday chores, keeping his desire aside, just to provide his little honeybunch a comfortable life. In this era, while talking about female rights is a hot cake, no one notices about dads, who may cry, may break emotionally or financially, who too deserve a life of their own.

Talking about fatherhood, and we are ignoring “THIS IS US”, this isn't possible. Milo Ventimiglia performs the character Jack in this series. Jack and Rebecca were all set to welcome their triplets and during the delivery session, they lost their third baby and ended up adopting Randall. Throughout the series, Jack shows the true character of all dads. He even couldn’t deny his Katie girl’s wish to rescue their dog during house-fire, eventually, he died due to the incident. If you missed this series then an animated movie named ‘DESPICABLE ME’ is there. Gru who doesn’t like children ended up adopting three homeless children and loved them to the core. Being a father is not always easy, they have to tolerate, have to love their babies unconditionally.

Father’s Day used to celebrate in Catholic Europe from 1508, on the 19th of march as the feast day of Saint Joseph, who is referred to as the fatherly Nutritor Domini in Catholicism and ‘the putative father of Jesus’ in the southern European tradition. In 1908, Grace Golden Clayton proposed to celebrate this day to commemorate the men who lost their lives in the mining accident in the US. Though people didn’t accept this but later in 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd convinced Spokane Ministerial Association to celebrate this day worldwide as he along with his five brothers were reared by their father alone.

A person who scolds you, loves you, cares for you, affords your desire, stays by your side no matter what you do, is the synonym of DAD. Dad and Mom both are palindrome words, maybe this is the reason, no matter how old you become, they still judge you as their infants. They never realize how the situation and their babies are changing, maybe they engage themselves in the process of rearing a child, they forget to look around.

From the age of Adam and Eve, we knew male in the relation, is the father who took all the responsibility of the outside world. In 2021, we are looking into the world, where single moms and single dads or working parents, all are equally participating in the upbringing of their saplings. So, who is Father? Who should we consider a father? Is testosterone the only criteria to be a father?

Keeping sexuality, feminism, society aside a father is someone who adores us with all the possible possession and power he/she has. A child who only saw his/her single mom/dad believes their single parent is playing the role of the mom-dad duo.

20th June is the auspicious day to celebrate fatherhood, who sacrificed everything for us, deserve a day to glorify their deeds. And a request to all DADS, we know that you are awesome, outstanding, and extraordinary in your role but you deserve your time too. You deserve to look into your dreams too and to sum up all I can say – THANK YOU.

Mom introduced me to you,

You were confused, happy, shy or maybe that was a rough day for you.

You hold me and cried and said, LOVE YOU while looking into my eyes,

I was numb, said ayy ayy ayy.

I have seen your rough sides too,

Don’t forget the day, when you didn’t allow me a trip to the zoo.

Time passes by,

I realized not all strangers will love me as you do,

It is a lovely journey with you DAD,

I realized I am your Kryptonite,

You Are My Superman.


Written By Dhee Basu

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