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Life of a Housewife.

Written by: Uzma Usmani

In the 21'st century where everyone wants to follow their dreams,be independent with thoughts as well as with finances, it is quite difficult to end up being at home all the time. Basically today's women are frustrated when they are forced to be in the housewife category.

I agree that it his highly depressing to leave your entire lifestyle and just stay at home. But I guarantee you are going to love doing the same after you read this article. It's not the society that has put restrictions on housewife things but it's the ladies itself. The women staying at home and working hard for their families have already accepted themselves to be weak, unemployed, unhappy, and sometimes even as a useless part of the family just because they aren't financially contributing. Well,ladies out there let me tell you your house without you is just a brick and cement construction.

If we start looking at this in a different manner,things will change beautifully. We keep on comparing our lives with working women, actresses and many other women who are struggling for their dreams. No doubt they are all doing a phenomenal job, and it really takes loads of courage and determination to walk out of your house;compete with the world; make your own space;fight the odds,and they should be respected and looked upon for this. But all this doesn't mean that you would ruin your life looking at other people succeeding and being happy with their lives.

Actually the problem is that we are sometimes forced to accept the fact that we need to stay at home and this immensely affects us. The best solution to this is don't accept anything forcefully rather take your own time to analyze how beautiful life is and how you can fit into the current situation of your life.

Like you daily get up and cook for the family, send them to their respective destinations(school, office) You manage the home related activities flawlessly. Get things done in time. Like you cook before your husband and kids are home. You put in an extra effort on weekends to serve them special meals. Organize the house before and after every party. You are extremely caring when someone isn't well at home. You are a personal reminder of every person. In all you aren't a working women but the complete owner and individual responsible to run an entire organization called HOME. You should respect yourself for this big job you are doing. It's a job where you need to be a combination of teaching, cooking, cleaning, organizing, managing,nursing,supervising all at one time. You work more than everyone else at home. You should actually be proud of yourselves. God found you multi-talented and caring and so he appointed you for this job.

Also when you compare your life with others, you will realize that you are actually gifted. Like you can laze around the whole day, drink and eat anytime unlike the ones waiting for their lunchtime. You can step out of the house for stuff unlike the ones who wait for weekends to move around freely. You can have a nap in the afternoon and not just keep on waiting for the Sunday late mornings. You have the TV remote all day and can skip through channels all day. You can scroll through your phone all day and not stay awake till morning just to talk to your special ones. You can be yourself the whole life and not the one wearing a sophisticated mask.

Life is the best gift to human beings. Just appreciate everything you have, not forcefully but after analyzing everything. And finally, respect yourself for whatever you are.

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