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Like a blanket of remedy our nation has been put to silence!

The roads lay barren, the crowds dispersed, the commotion is erased and the activities have come to a standstill. All this for a humanitarian cause in response to the call of our leader, a call against the dire consequences of the spread of an evil – the Coronavirus.

Medical advancement and science had no role to play to barricade this avalanche of Corona pandemic. No progress, no advancement and no achievement is at par to give a solution to this situation which is threatening mankind in many regions. The fear has set in, the precautions adopted, concerns raised and decisions made – we are all the prisoners of welfare and patrons of self-security today.

What a change in the routine of life. There seems no hustle and bustle, no race against time nor stress of the day. Every citizen lives behind the closed door of his home – not knowing what routine to set, what energies to shake and what plans to indulge in. Life today seems restful and empty.

We have often desired and hoped for the impossible – too much to be true, but this is the time wherein what we wished for – nothingness of life – has come true and we don’t know what to do with ‘nothing’.

Man is a social animal and this is what makes him explore life. In all his pursuit, he paints a better lifestyle to achieve the happiness that he so relates with his ego and success. Indulgences, entertainment, sophistication, standards and choices that make up his life what it is - and every time the bar is raised voluntarily to reach higher levels. The more we have the more we desire, the more we desire, the more we want to achieve, the more we achieve the more we want to plan and this is the trap of the vicious circle into which we all have fallen. Simplicity is a word that remains in the dictionary.

Yet in these times of precaution, we are living a limited life – sans the paraphernalia that we are all used to. No color, no glitz and no frills of life, limited contacts, social distancing, regulated activities, restricted movement and constrained tasks. What remains with us is the opportunity to make up for the “nothing” period that we all once desired, and when we have the period before us, we know nothing of the ‘nothing’ we desired.

Nature’s and the universal clock is still ticking its time and counting on the limits that mankind can be actually tested against. In time, the result will be known – we live or we perish, we get defeated or we are victorious. But in this time period, we have now the time to evaluate our source and our destination to validate our chance of life.

What we desired and what we have achieved is but the result of our earnestness and undisputed effort, but now, we have to pick on our strength and our might that has got us where we are. On the road of our gains we have to submit to the truth about our losses, our pains, our defeat and our shortcomings to prepare ourselves to face the second chance of life. If we live to face the chance again, we are privileged and if not we are doomed. This once we are the masters of our destiny and the craftsmen of life that we all want to have – for that ‘privileged life’, we have to abide, we have to be followers, we have to be the experiment of life that we so want to research and investigate. In this nothingness we should all create a complete meaning of LIFE.

Raise your hands in response, put your best effort forward and retrace your steps – STAY INDOOR – limit your routine, discard your glamour and let simplicity prevail – only then we as a region and a nation will live to tell the story of our victory against the test of time and face a better tomorrow.

We know not how it comes and we know not how it goes,

We know not how the fear erupts and how the anxiety flows,

There is no experimentation, there is no story of the past,

This is a pandemic that has erupted and has spread so fast.

Like a soothing balm we must find our own lasting solution,

The only remedy for this malady is the secret of isolation,

So remain with ‘You’ and ‘Yourselves’ till you are wanted,

Till the day, mankind, by this dreadful fear is not haunted.

Stay indoors, stay safe and stay closed within your bounds,

Life has great offering and richness even in its simple sounds.

Cover now to uncover in time, the reigning story to be told,

Little tests are but ‘silver’ but the long battles are worth ‘gold’

Man has always surpassed his expectation and desired more and more but now is the time to be contented with life in its humble form. We have to find satisfaction and contribute lawfully to make our tomorrow come true and ensure we are content with what we have rather than desire unendingly. In this hour of anguish, let us stay gratified with what we have in our vicinity today….be happy….be abiding….be responsible and redefine”…with what we most enjoy contented least”– William Shakespeare (Sonnet 29)

Tomorrow will come – lets us prepare well to greet it.

Written by

Dr. C. J. Rajendra Prasad

H.O.D. School of Retail Management - SSPU

Listed among TOP RETAIL MINDS (2020) by Global Council & Jury.

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