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Little Love Story

Let us not waste time and straight away get to the story that I have for you all…

So, it is mid-summer, extremely hot outside. And I woke up on my usual time around 12pm practically afternoon, you could say. Sipping my glass of warm water, I sat in the living room mentally planning my rest of the day. Someone impatiently ringing the doorbell, as I reached out for the door. I saw my maid with her two years old grandsons, both smiling at me after taking off their protective masks.

So, this little munchkin named Kanha visits my house every now and then. He ran off from the porch to me as his grand mommy put him down. All he managed to say was "come let's play" in Marathi. I was more of a kid right at this moment As I had woken up a few minutes ago, brushing my eyes I told him to sit quietly and not to disturb me. Could you imagine him listening to me? Nope, Never would he. He started to look for my mother to entertain him as he had come all the way to play here. My mother being fascinated with kids, she started playing with him and both started teasing me about being lazy. Well, I ignored them and went back to my sipping business and listening to my audiobook for that day.

As his grand mommy was busy cooking us food and mother working around helping my Nani, he was all alone and nobody to play with. At that moment. he patiently came to me and sat beside me wondering if that innocence would charm me into playing with him. Me being me, I try to avoid kids to my optimum and shunned this one too.

Now that he knew he'd not get any attention from me, he started walking around the house with each room having at least two doors. He & my kitten Chaira would always get fascinated by it. He jumped off enthusiastically and picked up something from the floor. He was smiling like a fool absolutely looking like an idiot. I was curious to know what had taken away his attention on the floor kept him engaged for almost fifteen minutes. When I looked closely at what he was holding in his tiny little hands, I saw a small yellow-coloured sticker of mickey mouse almost half wrecked and unusable. He seemed to be so happy for the next 2 hours that it amused me.

Last night when I took of the hanging sticker off my cupboard, it didn't even matter to me, absolutely no thought of affection or contentment towards it which had been making me grin all my childhood. This incident put me into a deeper thought of what changed so much that the thing once meant so much to me means nothing at this moment.

Coming to a conclusion for myself, I wondered how some things that meant nothing to someone would mean the world to the other.

TAKE AWAY: Appreciate what you got in life. It could be simply an old pen or just a drawing book you have, your relationships with friends & family, your time. You might just end up losing them.

Also, if you have someone or something that doesn't make you happy feel free to let it go to something better in life, make sure you give away even the times of things that would bring a smile to someone else's life.

Ponder Questions:

  • Could the same thing matter differently to everyone?

  • What in your life would you let go with no loss to your wellbeing?

  • What are the things that could bring smiles to you for releasing to a better keeper?

- Hugs & Kisses

Love Richa

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