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Lockdown: An Opportunity to Change

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Life was going on as it has been since ages. Suddenly, everything came to a standstill, as if an instant brake was applied to a high speed car on the express highway when unexpectedly from nowhere a child came running on the way. But to everyone’s surprise, neither did the car skid nor did the child succumb. And, this was the CORONA attack on the human civilisation.

Initially, when India announced lockdown, while everyone was struggling to understand its meaning, some realised it in its real sense but so

me dared to ignore. On 22nd March, when there was janata curfew, people enjoyed the day without realising, what if this would become the life for some time! And so it was, when 21 days’ lockdown was announced.

Well, I consider it a boon to us. Why to grudge when the solution is so simple, “Stay at Home”. What could be the best opportunity to explore self, which we had almost forgotten to? And let us beat CORONA!

C a Chance, you stay at home

O Oblivion, you peep inside

R a Realm, you make your home

O an option, you do or die

N a Nation, you must respect

A an Action, for you to self-reflect

Let us peep inside ourselves. There are so many things we missed doing while we were busy in our race to be the first, be it at the workplaces or in the society. Let us spend time with our family, tender the garden we have in the balcony, pursue our long forgotten hobbies, do creative art, and touch the corners of our house to feel the intangibles gains of our life. Let us give an opportunity to nature also to restore its originality and let’s vouch to sustain it.

Written by Vandana Shinde

(Winner of "A Wave Of Positivity" writing competition held at Greens Society, Pune)

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