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Love is Love

Written by, Shweta Saykar

“To me, an obligation is not 'love'. Letting someone be open, honest and free- That’s love. It’s got to come natural and it’s got to be real.”

These beautiful lines are quoted by, ‘Dolly Parton.’

Let's not jump on to conclusions that my ideology about love, turns out to be right after reading this quote. As the coin has two sides, same is the case with ideologies, concepts and perspectives. Nobody can be completely right or completely wrong, there is a tinch of ambiguity that lies within...

Love! Well, a 4 letter word but more than 400 perceptions! Isn’t it, in itself, a beauty? Yes, it is. Love can’t be defined as a proper definition, Love can’t be understood until it is felt, Love is not straight forward but a blend of vehemence and yet, the most aesthetic and beguiling reverence.

I would like to state what I feel, what love is-

“Quivering in pain, emancipated in the same,

Jeopardised by them, shredded I became.

Over the bountiful skies, riveting low and high,

There come passers-by, comforting me when I sigh.”

Love is eloquent to control your heart, love is strapping when thought by the mind, love is pervasive to mankind.

‘Love is love’ is the simplest expression to the unanimous premonition of love. Love can be smiling alone looking at the mirror, love may be praying for someone, love may be horrendous to some and it is a philosophy untamed by none.

“I’ve loved him/her enough to let him/her go.” Well, is it easy to let go someone who has been your yesterday, relinquishing today and deciphered to be your tomorrow? It is not easy but the competency of love that allows you to do so.

Something so pure, something so might,

In dreams, I lure, butterflies in sight..!

Not every love story has a happy ending, not every story could be Romeo and Juliet and not everybody could love the same! Beholding the downpours, rising with the upheavals, every form of love wins the war, remnants are cherished in the scars of wellness...

I would like to conclude by saying that Love is love! I take command, in any form, in any way, for anybody, rapacious or aesthetic, agony or solace, Love is explicit and forthright in the same name. Love has no boundaries, love has no aces, love has no regrets, love has no threats, love is love!

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