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Mudit Pathak

“There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”- Nelson Mandela. Passion leads us to something, that we are destined for. Passion ignites hope and strength to conquer every obstacle that is coming towards us as “passion is energy, feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey. No matter wherever you are born, your parents always want you to be the achiever in every single aspect of life, and in India, parents dream of IIT, a reputable job, a six-digit salary, and relaxed life for their kids. This time Satyavachan by Peach Blink brings to you the story of a magnetic persona who never left chasing his passion; Mr. Mudit Pathak aka ‘Artistic Yogi’, an example of inspiration, excellence, and trend-setter. “We must act out passion before we can feel it”- Jean-Paul Satre. At the delicate age of 18 when everyone is busy choosing college and dwelling in the imaginary realm of how will be his/her college days, Mr. Pathak focused on his passion and excelled at it.

Mr. Pathak belongs to a middle-class family in the Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh, where he completed his higher secondary schooling and came to Delhi for higher studies at SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH EVENING COLLEGE (DELHI UNIVERSITY). Mr. Pathak envisions himself as a ‘History-Creator’ as when he failed in his CLAT attempt, he did not break. Rather he converted his emotional energy into constructive energy and he always believes that heartbreak is essential as it helps to convert all possible emotional energy into positive energy which made Mr. Pathak think, why India still is a developing nation.

Mr. Pathak engaged himself in all sorts of social work, hiding it all from his parents. In the first year of his college, he did his internships under UIDAI GOVERNMENT OF INDIA & GAIL GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. During this time with only 2500 rupees, he started his first venture, the event management company named PLANT_IT_4U, which gave him enormous fame, identity, and awards. He recalled his grandfather who always taught him to do out of the box; LIKE GRANDPA, LIKE GRANDSON. He never failed to impress his grandfather by doing so many ‘hatke’ things. Mr. Pathak then on didn’t look back or didn’t stop. He created the largest artistic community of India named ARTISTIC_BYNATURE, which motivates and inspires people to pursue art and artists. He organized India’s biggest talent hunt during the lockdown and his organized events have exceeded the 1000 mark till now. The journey of THEYOGI_GANG started afterward, which is the largest community of youth in India. But he didn’t stop there, he worked for women's safety and LGBTQ COMMUNITY as well. Mr. Pathak also co-founded with Mr. Pranjul Tyagi the women-oriented initiative name BHARAT_GIRLUP under United Nations whereas added to this bouquet of establishments and achievements, the largest debate competition ‘VAKTAVYA’ was also organized by Mr. Pathak himself.

Such an enormous amount of work at such a budding age, Mr. Pathak reminisced those days when he hid everything, he was doing in Delhi from away his parents. The day before he received the ‘Karamaveer Chakra Global Young Leaders Award’, his father called and advised him to focus on study. But the rebel soul was determined to achieve and to dedicate his works to society. He received numerous prestigious awards like ‘Rex Karmaveer Chakra Award’, ‘India’s Glorious Young Achievers Awards’, ‘Literoma Young Achievers Award 2020’ and awards for his event management company from Dubai and recently he has been nominated for ‘Padma Shri Award 2021’and cherry on the cake he is the youngest nominee for the award!

Mr. Pathak believes himself to be a mediocre student but he always motivated himself to be the best and aced all other co-curricular activities. He expressed himself as an artist, a dancer, an entrepreneur, a social reformer, and a poet. He authored a book named- ‘A TALE TUCKED BENEATH SOLICITUDE’ and he tries to spread his “Wings of Fire” in every single possible way he can. Mr. Pathak also offers internships and part-time jobs to all college-goers in his event management company as he believes financial independence is very crucial for the current generation. When asked if he thinks that isn’t he missing his teen-hood and enjoyment amid this workload, he smiled and replied, “I am consistent and devoted, never felt the urge to go to a pub or bar and chug beer, rather I will work for my community”. Mr. Pathak is already a youth icon and star and has appeared at numerous events as a Judge and Chief Guest.

He started his struggle during lockdown days as for that period, his event management company PLANT_IT_4U was temporarily shut down. But apart from that, his other ventures are going pretty well. Even the invited youngsters for counselling; if someone wishes to start a company with minimum investment, Mr. Pathak will be there to guide you. Not only that, but he also engaged himself in the Covid-19 crisis by providing oxygen and necessary items to the needy.

“It is obvious that we can no more explain a passion to a person who has never experienced it than we can explain light to the blind”- T.S. Eliot. Mr. Pathak is an avid dreamer, doer, achiever, and is passionate about art. He never missed a chance to show his gratitude towards his parents and grandfather, his teachers, his artistic community of people who motivated him throughout his journey. To quote 3 idiots, “Success ke peeche mat bhaago, excellence ka peecha karo. Success jhak maarke tumhare peeche ayegi”; Mr. Pathak is a believer of this psychology as he strongly believes nothing is impossible to achieve if you are doing your best and giving your 100% to make it perfect; the final result will never dissatisfy you.

Mr. Pathak is a top-notch example reflecting why we should follow our passion rather than the path that is directed or created by others. We are all born for different purposes and different destinations. So, we must follow our hearts and dedicate ourselves to our mission to succeed.

“Tears stream down your face

When you lose something, you cannot replace….

Lights will guide you home

And ignite your bones…"

- Fix you, by Cold play

By, Team Satyavachan

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