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My forever lies in you

Written by Sonik Saraswat

"Even if the light shuts down, even if my sound turns down, you will always find me beside your heart town, playing the songs which only your heartbeat can pronounce".

They say life is full of wonders and magic, sometimes we face the worst and sometimes the best, but for me, it's always been the worst, until I met you. You were the best and the most awaited part of my life and as we all know, all amazing things happen for only a short time, hence this amazing thing ended too.

It was 24th August midnight and we were walking around the beach, our hands were intertwined by the love of our souls. We took a pause and we laid down under the sky full of stars, where the moon was shining and boasting about its beauty, I was arrested by the irresistible beauty of the brightest star, your eyes. Which were deep enough to compel me to love you and to hold you till eternity.

"phone vibrates" lawyer calling

I picked up. " hello, is everything done?"

"Yes, doc. Everything is done. It's time"

"will be there in an hour " I replied

You looked at me, your eyes were full of tears, covered with the color of blood, still hoping for me to stay, but you already knew, that I would no longer be there for you. I was about to wipe your tears but you stopped me

" you have no right to wipe them, you have lost that right" your voice trembled and a drop rolled down till your cheeks.

We took a few steps and you stopped me and hugged me. Then I took your hands and kissed them. Something was glowing in your finger. It was the ring which I gifted you when we were young, you were still wearing that. That ring was compelling me every second to not leave you then, but those scars inside me were so dark that even the brightest light of your ring failed to reach there.

We took a cab till the airport and we reached the place where I wished to take the last breath, Amsterdam. The place was beautiful enough to make anyone inebriated by just a glimpse of its snowy night. The roads were covered with snow and so we decided to walk till our apartment.

As soon as we reached our apartment, I asked you to come with me to the terrace. We went upstairs. It was foggy, and unlike your eyes, we couldn't see any of the stars in the sky. I took out a cigarette, the cigarette which I promised to only have with you at my last time, and unlike your immortal smile, the cigarette was in a little imperfect shape.

I lit it up and took a drag. It felt nostalgic, it felt like a few days ago when I met you for the first time and you became the best part of my life but as soon as I took the second drag it made me realize that just like the smoke, our bond would fade away too. I passed it to you, you took a drag and looked at the cigarette and then you threw it away. You started moving towards the downstairs but I held your hand and pulled you towards me. For a moment everything was still, it felt like even the time had stopped then for a moment. You were looking down, I pulled you more closer to me and hugged you. I knew I was vulnerable then but I knew that you were more fragile. You pushed me away as if you were trying to make yourself realize that I would no longer be going to stay with you.

We expect morning after the night, we expect dreams when we sleep, we expect life when we live. But somehow some nights are so beautiful that you don't wish for a new morning, sometimes some sleep is so calm that you don't want a dream to disturb you and hence sometimes life is so tiring that you don't want to live it, you just want to end it, seeking for peace, seeking for rest.

And just like rain never falls upward, my love for you will remain constant, immortal to the time, immortal to everything unlike me.

To be continued.....

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