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Never Ending Journey

Written by Harsha Chandani

In the hunt for unknown happiness which path are we searching for? Which direction are we looking towards? Books could not clear the test of providing the way towards the destination, Money passed the examination up to a certain limit, and Achievements were looked down upon themselves even after passing with flying colors in the belief that performance could have been exceptional. Happy beings kept driving themselves recklessly, taking everything for granted that came down their way. The end comes at a price as we lost the essence of the priceless journey, leaving a question behind. All we have at last, once we achieve this contentment, unsure of itself, is to postpone it for some other imaginary time frame in the belief that this little happiness is not worth staying happy.

The whole day passes by in vain by imagining the time when I dare to stop imagining, the definition of Happiness, the materialistic thing that glitters and imagined itself to be a happy soul, the value reminds itself that it has always been a price and all is left now to reimagine a time when I stop imagining.

Today I cease the doors of my never-existing world, a place that could never be tracked downed by Cartographers, where it’s a deadly sin to disclose self-induced thoughts and notions that My holy birth grants me all the rights to question the Almighty when gently touched by harsh forces, which itself is holy if remain unescorted questions ‘Joy’ about its origin.

My soul happily surrendered itself to the present moment, cherished the people around me, lived Nature, felt itself, discovered its true meaning, accepted oneself unconditionally, and mastered its existence.

My journey took rest when I touched the shades of not its price but the value, the most invaluable beauty ever felt, beyond the world where it was weighed and measured.

Written by Harsha Chandani

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1 Comment

shubhangi anuragi
shubhangi anuragi
Oct 25, 2022

this is amazing 🕯️😭

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