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They say we can’t Include Sugar! Well that’s not sweet!!!!!,

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

By Nutritionist Eesha Vahikar

The other day me and my dadi were making her famous Fish Fry recipe. She is really conscious of her Health as she was on the brink of Diabetes or Prediabetes as we call it. Now-a-days everyone is aware of what is diabetes and its types, but never has anyone discussed the food which may have some different effect or play the role of a super-food in diabetes! So I researched a lot about Diabetic super-foods and here is what I found out! Buckle up for a Nutritious ride!

Top 10 superfoods for Diabetes

1)Beans - Kidney, navy and black beans are packed with Vitamins and Minerals such as Magnesium and Potassium. They have a good amount of Fibre too! Beans do contain Carbohydrates, But also provide a good amount of protein without taking any meat products into consideration. Try and use salted beans in moderation.

2)Dark Green Leafy Veggies - Spinach, Kale, Methi are the dark greens packed with Vitamins and Minerals such as A,C,K and E, Iron, Calcium and even Potassium These are Low Calorie Foods and even have a low Carbohydrate content. Try adding these power packed foods in your Salads, Soups or even consume them in sabji form with a pinch of indian spices and tadkas! Yummy !

3)Citrus Fruits - Grapefruits, Oranges, Limes, Kiwi grab them all and welcome them with open arms! They are your daily dose of Fibre, Vitamin C, Folates and Potassium.

4) Sweet Potatoes - This starchy wonder is packed full of Vitamin A and Fibre. They are also a good source of Vitamin C. Craving some namkeen? Saved you the trouble just air Fry sweet potatoes and put garam masala and salt and chilli powder. We got you covered folks!

6) Tomatoes - How ever you take your tomatoes pureed, Raw, or in a homemade sauce , you are consuming vile nutrients like Vitamin C, E and Potassium

7) Fish high in omega-3 - Omega-3 fatty acids help in reducing the risk of heart disease and inflammation. Fish high in These are known as fatty fish. Sardines, Salmon, Pomfret are the three types of fish which are good in omega-3 fatty acids.

8) Nuts - A handful of nuts can go a long way in getting the healthy fat people keep talking about now-a-days. In addition, they offer Magnesium and Fibre. Some nuts and seeds are even good sources of omega-3.

9) Whole Grains - It’s the whole grain we are after! They are rich in Vitamins and Minerals like Magnesium, B Vitamins, Chromium, Iron and Folate. Oats,

Quinoa, Barley are a few examples of Whole grains.

10) MilkandYoghurt - Building strong bones and teeth, but do these lay an important part in only these two functions? Many products are fortified to make them a good source of Vitamin D. Try and include Low fat products in your daily life!

Nutritionist Eesha Vahikar

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