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This is how our love ends: "It all started with a smile and ended up with the tears of your life".

Written by Sonik Saraswat

Life is too short to think about what's going to happen next, but this theory fails when it comes to an 8-month pregnant mother. Yeah, You were just a month away from your delivery. Everything has been changed, the room which used to be filled with guitars and music systems has been replaced by toys, crib bumper and diaper stations.

Days passed away and it was 24th of November, the date of your regular checkup, but this time we all were very curious. We were heading towards the hospital for the appointment at 5 p.m. but we had arrived 15 mins earlier. "No. 25", the nurse called out our number. The reports were normal, our baby was doing fine. "She's is a girl," my doctor friend told me. That was the best news I could have ever heard in my entire life. I was very auspicious for the baby girl.

We were about to leave for home but you insisted me for ice cream. So we went out for the ice cream parlour. I was driving, but something distracted me, it was your beautiful eyes. I looked at them, they were filled with curiosity, love and pride of being a mother. I kissed them, my lips were on your eyes, I could feel your eyelashes kissing my lips too.

But suddenly, something had hit the car from behind and before I could do anything our car rolled over a number of times. I was unconscious, all I could feel then were some voices of yours calling out my name. I looked at you, you were lying on the ground, some pieces of glass were struck into your stomach. There was blood all over the road. I asked you if you were okay. But you didn't answer me. I tried to put all my strength together and crawled up to you. I tried to hold your hand but my hands were not moving. You looked at me, your eyes were red, screaming out of pain, filled with tears, all you could say then was 'our baby'. I knew our baby was dead by then. But I didn't answer you. I asked you to stay with me and told you everything would be okay.

I could feel that the glass pieces inside you were taking you away from me, I knew that you were giving up. You looked at me for the last time and said that you loved me. Then your lips dried your eyes got pale and your hand froze. This is how always and forever ends. This is how you complete your vow of loving me till your last breath. This is how our living sign of love ends, this is how our love ends.

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