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Those Three Words

Written by Tia.

I nearly wept the tears which have been filling since the last I one left.

Unsure of my feelings I turn away and look to the ground.

Searching for something to distract me.

Wondering, why would a guy love a girl for any other reason but her body?

Because I have been taught to beware those three words.

For those are the words which are spoken when he wants more.

More than your touch or cress.

But your lips.

His, on your hips.

For when the guy said "I love you"

I was confused and concerned,

Because why would he?

Could he,

Love someone for most of them are just so selfish!

Putting light on the concept of friends with benefits, one night stands, hookups, no strings attached etc. Here in this poem, she is been scarred of the hope of finding that one guy she could talk to without being judged or called a bitch, for she was unsure of what’s going in her mind is she overthinking. Does he feel the same? But now she will never know! For she was the one who backed off every time she felt she is falling and letting her guard down for a guy. Again as she was scarred with the hope of finding the one.

So, decided to stop doing it the wrong way as she thought of it as wrong for having feelings. Started searching for something to distract her. Something she thought was right, FWBs with no strings attached. Her thoughts were fixed willing to never change it, now her past made her aware of those three words I LOVE YOU. Once spoken was just for her beautiful body. Yes, she was confused concerned about making a fool out of herself and decided to never let her guard down for any guy ever. Thought of every guy as selfish and heartless fuck boys.

As years past she met new guys made good friends, met guys who want to be her friends for her inner beauty and not her body .realizing not all guys are the same, some even if heartbroken never use other girls as rebound or just for sexual needs. Yes, so she changed her last line to “for MOST of them are just so selfish”.

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