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Wah Vasu!

- Vasu Agarwal

Can rebirth be possible? Could we live twice?

My questions were laid to rest on Saturday, 13th of July 2013. I am glad to share that many things changed in my life. I was at home while my elder brother and mom had a wedding to attend. As a routine, my dad went for his bath at 8.30 a.m. while I was watching the television. The regular 10 minutes of his routine passed and on not seeing him return, the maid told me that he hadn't finished yet which was unusual. I rushed to the door knocking and calling out for a response. There was no response. Even after beating the door hard, there was no response still. I used anything I could find to break open the door and the door slammed open. I saw something that could haunt me forever.

My dad was unconscious, motionless and bleeding from his nose and mouth. It was worse, he was frothing at his mouth. I could not think of anything else but only screaming for help at the top of my voice. While the neighbours gathered on the situation, I checked him for his heartbeat and splashed water in a desperate attempt to revive him.

I was just 13, slimly-built and a regular teenager going through a difficult phase of his life. I rushed to get my cell phone and called my uncle first who resided the closest and then my mom because she was the farthest from home and could take a longer time to come.The neighbours rushed with concern for my dad as he has always been friendly but everyone was scared to help because the body had become cold and stiff. I had no option then but pulling the body downstairs with the maid on a blanket and getting the car ready to move to the nearest hospital.

I reached the hospital i.e. Max Neuro Hospital and rushed the body straight to the ICU. The hospital authorities started their efforts to save him. The reason for the mishap was discovered that the gas geyser that requires oxygen wasn't supplied with air since my dad had forgotten to switch the exhaust fan on in the bathroom in his thoughts. As a result, the geyser began to suck oxygen from the bathroom and also sucked out the oxygen from his lungs which led to his bleeding and frothing. While the reports showed the critical condition and the haemoglobin was just 3, there still was little hope shown by the doctors. My uncle insisted that he should be kept on a ventilator and after four days, I could see my dad open his eyes and he responded on Tuesday night.

I couldn't sleep or rest the whole of Sunday and Monday. Tuesday was when I commenced normalisation and was settling to my calm and quiet ways. The doctors at the Max Neuro Hospital, Kasarwadi confirmed that a two-minute delay would have resulted in a certain death. Value of every moment can be understood only by the people waiting outside the ICU. I was back in my class, back to my books and activities in a week. It was an opportunity for my father feel proud for me and breathe a full breath once again...

Thank You!

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