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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

"Once again he became an atheist"

He was going to lose her presence in his life, forever. The person who never stepped into any door of God today was going to enter the temple for the love of his life. Holding her hand tightly, he only wished she could stay more with him. He couldn't take his eyes off her while she was praying to God. He only hoped that she could change her decision and agree to stay with him, no matter how cruel the situations might turn. He was falling for her all over again. When he realised, she was walking towards him. She was managing to look into his eyes but she couldn't hold on the glance. Tears rolled down her eye and he got the answer of his unasked question. That was the last time he ever saw her again. Every time they have been together, it was his responsibility to drop her back to her place. But this time he purposely didn't. As he knew himself that he couldn't travel the distance back from her place to his, alone. Carrying the weight of broken dreams and shattered pieces of his heart both started to walk on their path. It was a tendency to turn behind once while she walks away every time and yet, this time she didn't bother to. He was waiting for the propensity to occur and unexpectedly he was heartbroken once again.

And while the destiny was flipping its pages,

again another chapter was concluded.

Along with the belief of God in the journey of his life

Written by Amey. Thorat.

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