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The Minds Behind “The Digital Entrepreneurship 5.0”

Dr. Jayanta Chakraborti:

With a distinguished career spanning over three decades, Dr. Jayanta Chakraborti brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to "The Digital Entrepreneurship 5.0." Holding a Ph.D. in Business Analytics and Digital Marketing, an MBA in Marketing and Finance, an MA in Economics, and a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Chakraborti's academic credentials are as impressive as his professional achievements.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Chakraborti has been a driving force in the steel, education, and IT sectors. His strategic consulting expertise has benefited global giants such as Coca-Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Henkel Germany, GES Australia, and Marubeni Japan. His leadership roles have included prestigious positions such as Director of the School of BFSI at Symbiosis Pune, Head of the MBA Department at Chandigarh University, Graphic Era University, and ICFAI University, Program Chair of MBA at Woxsen University Hyderabad, and Dean of the Indian Institute of Planning & Management.

Currently, Dr. Chakraborti serves as the Dean & Principal at GIBS Business School in Bangalore, India. His certifications as a Google Certified AdWords Professional, IBM Certified Big Data Analyst, and SAP-Certified ERP Expert further underscore his expertise in the digital and analytical realms.

Dr. Chakraborti's dedication to fostering digital entrepreneurship is evident in his contributions to this book, where he shares his profound insights and practical strategies to help aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the digital landscape.

Dr. Anirban Dutta:

Dr. Anirban Dutta, an Associate Professor in the Department of MHSS at NIT Agartala, lends his academic rigor and research expertise to "The Digital Entrepreneurship 5.0." With a Ph.D. from NIT Durgapur, a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Burdwan, and an MBA from IIEST Shibpur, Dr. Dutta has dedicated 19 years to advancing management education and research.

At NIT Agartala, Dr. Dutta teaches Strategic Management, Business Research, Services Marketing, Marketing Management, and Product & Brand Management. He is an active member of various professional bodies and serves on the editorial boards of several management research journals. His research, published in top-tier international journals like Springer, IEEE, Inderscience, Sage, and De Gruyter, spans marketing efficiency, service productivity measurement, and employee happiness.

Dr. Dutta's extensive experience in organizing government-funded workshops, FDPs, and MDPs, along with his guidance of numerous Ph.D. scholars, positions him as a thought leader in digital marketing and strategic management. His contributions to this book are rooted in his deep understanding of digital marketing adoption and its transformative potential for startups.

Ms. Nikita Singh:

Nikita Singh, the visionary founder of Fingertips, India's largest premium nail studio chain, offers a practical perspective on digital entrepreneurship in "The Digital Entrepreneurship 5.0." Starting in 2014, Ms. Singh has grown Fingertips into a celebrated brand with 16 outlets and 7 more in development, catering to a high-profile clientele that includes celebrities, politicians, and sports stars.

Her journey is a testament to her commitment to brand-building and innovative marketing. Through meticulous research and strategic implementation, she has navigated the challenges of the burgeoning nail industry with finesse. Fingertips' success has been highlighted in international journals and various media, underscoring her prowess in digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Ms. Singh's firsthand account of leveraging digital marketing to expand Fingertips serves as an inspiring case study in this book, offering readers practical insights into the strategies that drive business growth in the digital age.

Md. Anzar Alam:

Md. Anzar Alam, a dynamic leader with over two decades of experience across diverse industries, brings his innovative mindset to "The Digital Entrepreneurship 5.0." As the founder of Paisabiz, he has revolutionized financial advisory services by bridging the gap between borrowers and lenders with tailored funding solutions.

His career, marked by strategic foresight and transformative projects, reflects his core belief that impactful solutions shape society more than products do. Paisabiz stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in the financial sector, embodying Mr. Alam's vision of creating meaningful societal change.

Through his contributions to this book, Mr. Alam shares the digital marketing strategies that propelled Paisabiz to success, providing valuable lessons for aspiring digital entrepreneurs.

About "The Digital Entrepreneurship 5.0":

"The Digital Entrepreneurship 5.0" is a comprehensive guide designed for practitioners seeking to harness the power of digital marketing to build and grow their businesses. Drawing on real-life success stories and case studies, the book provides actionable insights into creating effective digital marketing strategies. From search engine optimization to AI-powered marketing, the authors cover a wide array of topics essential for digital entrepreneurs. Their combined expertise offers readers a roadmap to success in the competitive digital landscape, emphasizing the importance of innovation, strategic planning, and the right digital tools.

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