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It is rightly said, "Direction is much more important than speed," and NADORA BY AMAN is proving this  all its way. NADORA is a brand by Ms. Amandeep Kaur, a law student from Sangrur, Punjab. The brand  offers a wide variety of macrame products, ranging from home decor items to fashion accessories. Ms. Kaur  always had a creative side and was always fascinated by the beautiful decor items available abroad. She  would scroll Pinterest and always got awestruck by beautiful macrame creations. Like many others, this  lockdown allowed her to work on that side, put her little dream of having her own business into action, and  that's when NADORA was born.

NADORA came into being on September 02, 2020, and it's about to complete its one year! It has been  fortunate enough not to have been primarily impacted by the pandemic and lockdowns. The only issue faced  was the deliveries. Though they have not completed hundreds of orders, Ms. Kaur is very proud of the work  done she has done to date. She says,"I owe this to my clients who always come up with great ideas and have  accepted mine as well!".

Initially, there were limited orders from friends and relatives, but gradually NADORA got a good reach and  audience and the steady flow of orders began. Though there aren't orders on daily basis, there have been  many weeks without any orders but Ms. Kaur kept on doing the good work, and here she is today with some  constant supporters cum clients

She says, "if the whole pandemic scenario hadn't happened, NADORA would not have come into being at  this point. It would have happened a few years later. I utilized the idleness and worked on my skills, and  today I am a proud owner of my business." 

At NADORA, one can find a large variety of wall hangings, plant hangers, dreamcatchers, earrings,  keychains, decorative mirrors, sling bags, nursery decor, and much more! Everything here is handmade with  love and happy vibes. Until now, they have collaborated with Ms. Vrushika Mehta and Ms. Tina Datta.  Recently NADORA is working on a lot of projects, and many new products are lined up to be launched super  soon. Future plans of NADORA are to launch a website of their own, having their pop-ups at fairs and  exhibitions, reaching a wide range of audiences, work on other art forms, and launching products soon.


Find NADORA BY AMAN on Instagram as @nadorabyaman

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