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Striving to add the magic ingredient of ‘love’ to the recipe of design to make it stand out.

When the world was on lockdown, two friends over a video call while discussing a friend's wedding invite design, thought how exciting it would be to be able to design & curate personalised cards for all special events. Realising that there's an emerging need for branding services in the market as many homepreneurs started monetising upon their passion amidst the COVID pandemic and hence, these two expanded their scope of services to brand design, graphic design, social media design & web design. What started as a passion project for two best friends when the world was in lockdown, has grown into a collaborative design studio known as NIMANTRAN.


Ms. Tanya Dewan holds a Bachelor's in Entrepreneurship from Symbiosis College, Pune. She has worked with the city’s up & coming marketing agencies where she got an opportunity to hone her design & content curation skills. She possesses a natural flair for aesthetics & composition. Driven, & full of creativity, she combines her vivid imagination with a desire for innovative solutions. Whereas, Ms. Krishna Shukla holds a Bachelor's in Retail Management from Symbiosis College, Pune. She has worked with major retail brands & has garnered experience across the fields of customer service & relationship management. She possesses strong communication & management skills. Full of ideas & visions, she is driven by the desire to assist businesses with their marketing efforts.

Krishna Shukla
Tanya Deewan

The founder’s of NIMANTRAN says, “Something clicked & we decided to start an invitation design studio!” Having a venture of their own was always a dream. They believe that design is indispensable when it comes to communicating who they are & what they value. They ideate, deliberate & create visual assets that complement your marketing efforts. The pandemic actually paved the way for the establishment of their business. Working remotely gave them the opportunity to concentrate on their side hustle & convert the same into a full-fledged business. However, the second wave of COVID hit hard. Both the founders tested positive which negatively affected the business. They struggled to focus on their existing projects & finding new clients was all the more a herculean task. Luckily, strong communication between the team & with their clients helped them get back on their feet.

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