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Payank Patel

Best moments happen when they are unplanned. When we expect the unexpected, believe in the unbelievable and achieve the unachievable; miracles are bound to happen. The twists and turns of your life can be so unexpected and that always leaves us with good things to learn. This time Satyavachan by Peach Blink brings to you an unforeseen yet a beautiful story of a person who believed in his energy, feelings and motive; Mr. Payank Patel and his organization The Young CEO Club. Mr.

Payank Patel is a Leadership Facilitator Coach, an Entrepreneur and an Author of two books namely- “The Young CEO Victory Journal” and “11 Timeless Principles Of Personal Mastery”. He is the founder of “LYFE- The Young CEO Club” which was institued in 2012 and has the motto of ‘Lead Yourself Forever & Ever’. Mr. Patel is a production engineer graduate by profession and he says, “many things happened accidentally”.

He was a child who was consistently surrounded by exceptionally good friends(Reena, Ridhi, Hardik, Giriraj, Zarana & Hardeep). The sole purpose behind the fact of Mr. Patel pursuing engineering was as his close friends were pursuing engineering too. Thus, one can assume the scenario as ‘The Accidental Engineer’.  One distinctive characteristic that Mr. Patel has is that after taking a particular resolution, he has an ardent desire to make it right. Thus, throughout his engineering tenure he always scored good and was quite a disciplined student. Even though he became an engineer by accident, he chose to become an author and a ‘facilitator’ by choice.

Post completeing his engineering, he worked as a technical professional for a few years and ventured into techno commercials. He worked with Eureka Forbes for 6 years and further with ISS India (D.G.M.)  which is a Danish multinational company. Deep down he knew for a fact that he belonged to a community of entrepreneurs and always had an aspiration to start something of his own. Mr. Patel got an opportunity to conduct a B2B sales training (sales development and leadership development) in an organisation and it was at that point of time when it clicked. He was never a textbook trainer, came from a hardcore business background and chose to train people in correlation with realistic real life cases over textual theories. In this journey, Mr. Patel observed and realized that this world as one is a home of knowledge and information and it is available in abundance. The only challenge which arises is inclusion of application and implementation.

In between of his entrepreneurial journey i.e. from 2012 to 2018, he conducted more than 3000 seminars facilitating 3700 participants majorly consisting of top level executives in 8 Countries ( India, USA, Australia, Italy, Singapore, London, Philippines & Germany )which gave him an exceptional exposure. His trainings used to encompass topics such as time management, leadership, significance of goal setting and so on. The CEOs and participants used to say ‘येसब चीज़ें तो बचपन में भी सीखी जा सकती थीं फिर इसके लिए इतना इंतज़ारक्यों?’ and instances such as these used to trigger him a lot at times and it was in 2017 when he decided to start something for the youth wherein half of the nation’s population is below the age of 25 years. Mr. Patel wished to impregnate proactive learning so that the youth make their mistakes a productive lesson and eventually minimize the pattern of making such related mistakes as many CEOs and executives used to say that they have learned many aspects of life by making costly mistakes.

As there are plenty of training alternatives for adults yet scarce options for the youth out there constricting them with limited exposure. The main motive of Mr. Patel behind starting The Young CEO Club was to teach the students all those things which CEOs are sculpted with after 40 years so that they get an opportunity to learn about the right content at the right time and right age. For instance, time management can be learned as soon as we have clarity in our life so we don’t have to wait. Every student out there aspires to become a CEO in future but before that one should always accomplish the goal of becoming the CEO of their own life and hence LYFE as Mr. Patel says, “what you want to become in your life, you need to practice it today”.

Mr. Patel follows a motto; ‘inspire, motivate, facilitate & coach’. He has published two books till date and is working on one more to be published in 2021. Mr. Patel wants to make information available for everyone in the form of lessons, books, YouTube channel, blogs, libraries at a nominal cost. The company has a vision to spread across the globe with an intention to motivate the youth population to take charge of their life before they start venturing into the world outside.

Mr. Patel says, “training industry is an industry of jargons in itself”. When Mr. Patel started with The Young Ceo Club, the team used to go to colleges, schools and institutions for proposing to conduct the training session. However, they always used to seek for research proofs and outcomes before trial. So, Mr. Patel reached out to all the executives and CEOs he had trained in the past to enroll their children for this initiative and as they were well aware of Mr. Patel’s calibre; they made it to the first 200 lot of participants and after that, there was no looking back. He did not have data but his feelings; gut feeling. Mr. Patel used to connect pricinples with life and The Young CEO Club was under experimentation and observation from 2017 to 2019 and in 2020, Covid-19 made an entrance!

As Mr. Patel says, “covid situation was the question paper for all the motivational books, videos, series you have gone through”. 

 The pandemic situation was a blessing in disguise for The Young CEO Club. The first 3 months of the pandemic were horrific for the team as they were liable on physical classes, they had to switch to online mode and change the online teaching pedagogy again and again for student’s likeness. Mr. Patel revised the entire coaching model to habituate the same for online method. However, after 2-3 failed attempts, The Young CEO Club finally graduated with flying colors w.r.t. online teaching model. He challenged the adversity to convert into an opportunity and thus, Mr. Patel managed sufficient time to work on 3 books- two of which are published and the third one which is ‘Loud & Clear Young CEOs’ is expected to enter the market in June 2021. Mr. Patel says that it has never been a one-man army but a team driven spirit and is thankful and grateful for his team.

It is rightly said that ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’. If Mr. Patel never got an opportunity to conduct a training session, coming up with the idea of The Young CEO Club would have never made it to actuality.

A personal message from Mr. Payank Patel for all the parents, “the evolution a facilitator cannot bring in the life of a youth, that parents can and as parents are the most important coach; so that in future they don’t have re-learn and un-learn principles”.

- Team Satyavachan

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