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Ruchu Kuthiala

Professor Ruchu Kuthiala is a certified Clinical and Sports Nutritionist with a vast Industrial and Academic Experience 14 years and going on.

A Gold Medallist and Scholarship holder throughout her Nutrition education has always been keen on teaching and learning about Nutrition and Wellness. She was awarded with best oral presentation in International conference on potential benefits of Liver and gut health in lifestyle disorders. She is a lifetime member of the Indian Dietetic Association and a member of IAPEN National Core group for Nutrition and Diabetes.

She is Internationally certified in Functional Bowel Disorders from Monash University, Australia, and Diabetes Educator from BMJ, Fortis Hospital. She has various other certifications to her credit like Gut health, Ketosis coach, and Dietary Supplements Advisor. She has many research papers on her name published in International journals and is a committee member of the Universal Society of Food and Nutrition. She has been recognized for her contribution to “Immunotherapy” and the importance of Organic Farming and has won prizes at the International conference for her presentation on “Functional Foods and its potential health benefits in Immunotherapy”.

She has attended various Faculty Development Programs under AICTE and has been invited as a resource person by various colleges to deliver on “Functional foods and its importance in Pandemic”.

She has also developed the course content for medical Nutrition Therapy, Nutraceuticals, Gut Health, Nutrition in Sports, Immunotherapy, Functional Foods, etc.

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