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I am watching a dream

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

I am watching a dream

Of witnessing the sunrise

Feeling the sensations of wind

Beholding that artistry through my eyes

I am in the valley of flowers

Inhaling each and every fragrance

Wanting to establish this intramural peace

Sinking in the entire peaceful essence

I am near the river

But now I feel the cold air

Still wanting to listen the river song

Scared within, now I feel I care

I start moving towards the forest

For this forest is dark and deep

As I ascend into these lovely woods

I hear someone weep

The girl is begging the person around

Don't kill me, let me go. Please!

But the girl knows the reason behind

As she answered bravely to that tease.

I see that girl is lying still

In the river of water of red

And I see my mother fall

Cos that girl is lying on my bed

I was watching a dream

That was beautiful and pure

But now things have been done

And there exists no cure

I see my body still there

And my mother crying

Only I can remember one thing

The dream in which I saw that girl dying.

Written by Sonica Singh

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