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The Moja Club

People wish to step into a colourful life with every progression they make, but remain stubborn on welcoming colours with a pair of dull black, blue, grey or white socks. And this can’t be blamed entirely on the crowd that follows it but the fashion bloggers who have influenced it since the beginning of vogue era. The monotonous ritual of matching your socks with your leather belt is the tradition which has been behind our backs since eternity and is following us till date. But things are introduced as new concepts only to undergo certain changes at one point, right? This is the article on the company which was fashionably brave enough to break through the chains of shades of plain black, blue and grey and introduce the colourful socks with vibrating designs to your wardrobe.

The Moja Club was started in 2016 by Joey Saha. Mr. Saha after completing his studies in the U.K. came back to India only to realise that the nation which celebrates “Holi” as the festival of colors bringing joy and happiness is still stuck on to gloomy shades of socks. One has truly said, that your shoes and socks determine the person you are and the persona you reflect. So, why not try to emit a more colourful vibe after all! When he came back to India, he saw that men and women still wear those basic socks and the colourful ones are not in fashion at all. And this gave birth to the idea of The Moja Club, the curator of dramatic scintillating socks.

The Moja Club started online with their own website and online store. Their business was founded on the subscription-based model. The customer can opt for a monthly subscription of socks such as 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. They even offer the service of “build your own sock box”. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of The Moja Club has been their unique designs. They collaborated with designers from all over the world to provide their customers with the best quality and variety of socks that they wish for. Every pair of socks has its own story and is distinctive as compared to the other.

They started with a good number of 3,500 subscribers taking on an average 30-40 orders per day and were gradually entering the pathway of earning profit from the business. But 2019 introduced a halt to their succession. They were financially deprived and had gone out of stock from everywhere in the country. But as one says, when there is a will there is a way. They overcame the financial barrier and emerged as a new glorified company selling exquisite quality of radiant socks and were back on the track again.

They launched their products on Amazon and Myntra and collaborated with many celebrities like Sara Ali Khan, Ayushman Khurana and Sonam Kapoor. These celebrities really liked what The Moja Club offered them and they endorsed it on their social media platforms. Sonam Kapoor being considered as the fashion icon of Bollywood helped The Moja Club gain a lot of attention.

After 2019, the only struggle the business is facing is today- during the time of lockdown. Lockdown has affected all categories of business world-wide. The economy has been smothered and fallen to ground level. The brick and mortar store for essential goods are however managing to survive the downfall. But for e-commerce, it seems that their business relation with the quarantine has been rejected by the villain i.e. corona. The Moja Club is undergoing a tough time when e-commerce and the government is only allowing the delivery of essentials for the safety and welfare of its citizens. They had a magnetic marketing campaign and out of the box new designs of socks in pipeline but had to stop when corona took over the reign. Other problem that they face is to justify their pricing to the customers for a pair of socks. They convince their customers that what the company is delivering has the best quality, best design and thus the “reasonable” price.

After the lockdown tenure is over, they will be introducing some discounts and schemes for their customers to make up for the lost profit over the time. They will anyway introduce their eye-catching marketing strategy to make a heroic come back again in the field. They rank second in creating unique socks after “Happy Socks”.

Even Dobby was freed when his master (Lucius Malfoy) was tricked by Harry Potter into presenting him with a sock. Imagine the sparkling effect the colourful socks can have, when a plain sock can present Dobby with harmony at the end. The Moja Club has a following of more that 7k on Instagram and their ultimate motive is to make fun socks for every occasion. They wish to introduce the swag induced by socks via #sockswag. So, go visit their website today and order the funkiest pair of socks for yourself as well as your acquaintances if you want to level up the #sockgame

- Team Satyavachan

To Find The Moja Club on Instagram click the link below:

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