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We At Lacuna

If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. Ms. Yankita Garid, an MBA graduate always dreamt to be in the fashion industry. When the time came to choose her path towards her career; she somehow got cold feet and ended up choosing a safer option and chose to go for the BBA program. No knowledge is left useless, her under graduation degree helped her to understand the basics of business. She planned to complete her MBA, but during the pandemic; she decided to test her skills in business & that’s when WE AT LACUNA happened.

WE AT LACUNA is a clothing brand initiated in February 2021, it best represents elegance and vibrance. It sells quality merchandise including clothes and accessories to customers all across India. Their motive is to create something that encompasses the essence of being chic and exclusive. What they offer is a blend of fashionable, modern and sophistication.

Ms. Garid quotes, “I realized Lacuna is something I was missing in my life and Lacuna itself means ‘an unfilled space’.”

Ms. Garid never planned to get the label registered but as soon as she started working, she realized this is exactly what she wants to do in her life. And in no time with the help of her friends and family, she prepared the whole manufacturing procedure, worked on her legal requirements, made her brand marketing strategies and geared herself for the roller coaster ride ahead.

Like every other business, WE AT LACUNA got affected because of the constant lockdowns happening in the country. They even had to turn down some orders due to lack of logistic services. At the same time, a lot of small businesses emerged in the market which leads to an increase in competition. She says, “However if it had been a normal case scenario, we would have benefited more from our brand.”

Ms. Garid’s plans with the brand are to make it global, add more to the collection & target higher audience. For that, she is currently working on her social media reach & content. She says, “WE AT LACUNA stands for all the people, including people who follow our page or like our posts. It’s not necessary to order something, a little support is all we need.”

As every business is like a roller coaster ride, WE AT LACUNA also had its ups and downs. Ms. Garid says, “once an issue is identified, one can minimize it but cannot eliminate it from the business. You have to go through them for reaching your goals and objectives. For example, when a parcel is misplaced or the customer is unreachable, you have to find your way through it and make things happen.”


Apart from this, she says that she loves to have feedbacks. It makes her improve and improvise her products and customer service.

To connect with WE AT LACUNA find them on Instagram as or visit their website

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