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Pinky N. D. Kansara

This book isn't just words; it's a product of my life's experiences. Life threw challenges at me, and I learned from them.

As I reach this fantastic sexy age of my life ‘50’ and as I celebrate the golden jubilee and my existence, instead of crying over my passing age, I take pride in it as it talks about the many rich experiences I have gone through in my life as an unmarried woman, who is also a provider. I also found my own sense of encouragement by being my biggest cheerleader. This book remains a precious gift to me as I live with a true example of this term, backed by everyone who knows me. And a tribute to my younger self, and all the other young women there, that hey, it's beautiful here! And you also can make it – single and self-reliant and ‘belonging to yourself’!

I've always been a people person, both by nature and profession. This quality helped me start a new journey. I am a certified REBT practitioner (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) and spent 27 years in the corporate world, with 20 of those years in senior leadership and HR Professional.

In 2022, I left the corporate world but returned to a different role, as an employee emotional wellbeing coach, to raise awareness about emotional aspects in the workplace. At this stage of life, embracing oneself is liberating. We've heard a lot of "how it should be," especially as women, but it's often fake. Our education teaches us about the world but not about life.

I strongly relate to the idea of being your true self, especially after experiencing a life-changing trauma in 2019-2020 when I lost both my parents within a year. During such tough times, I realised that I am responsible for myself, not just financially but socially, emotionally, and physically. I didn't want to keep this realisation to myself; I wanted to empower others on their life journeys.

While many women consider retirement from major responsibilities at 50, I decided to challenge myself and embark on a new journey. I'm ready to unlearn and relearn, tap into my hidden potential, and uplift others, especially women, along the way.

I have a strong and bold identity but also a nurturing side. I've positively impacted many lives during my two-decade journey as a role model, fulfilling my motherly instincts. I've grown stronger from who I thought I was and have fearlessly thrived in a man's world. My heart is full of love, and I'm a die-hard romantic, but my mind is rational, and I live a life of gratitude. I'm a deep thinker, emotionally aware of the meaning of pain, and I work towards healing others through various methods.

My work isn't just a passion; it's my love and philosophy. My brand name is like my child, which I continue to nurture and develop. And today, through this book, I bring forward my key learnings and observations that define who I am today!

Although it took more than half a life to understand this. Such a beautiful, gracious, liberating feeling it is, which needs to be felt and embraced. My purpose is to bring more awareness towards this philosophy by supporting people to have a better relationship with themselves.

I hope you will find this honest and unapologetic bearing of my soul, as refreshing and insightful, as the lessons have been for me, in real life through my own experiences and those around me.

Umeed karni hai toh khudhse kar,

Bharosa rakhna hai toh khudh par rakh,

Khudh ki bhawnao ki kadar kar,

Bus apna hausla majboot kar.


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